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Yeonmi Park is a North Korean human rights activist. She is known for presenting her views regarding North Korea as a citizen. Many of the viewers are now generating curiosity regarding Yeonmi Park plastic surgery.

 Park is an active socialist who promotes human rights and brings attention to the horrors and atrocities taking place in her home country and China. 

She is also the author of “In Order To Live & While Time Remains.” The book highlights the culture wars, identity politics, and authoritarian tendencies tearing America apart.

Moreover, the socialist is a TED Speaker and recently got into BBC’s 100 Women. With that, she is one of the most influential North Korean.

She seems to be a proud American rather than a North Korean. Through her interviews and posts on social media, she seems to hate the controlling nature of North Korean leaders and loves the freedom of the US.

However, the face of North Korea seems to transform, and the audience has frequently questioned Yeonmi Park Plastic Surgery.

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Yeonmi Park Plastic surgery

Yeonmi Park has never openly confirmed that she had plastic surgery, but the rumors keep afloat. It is believed that she has undergone breast enlargement surgery as well.

The picture was taken by Yeonmi herself, with a time difference of 6 years. The first picture (Left) was posted in 2016 on her Instagram. The second picture (right) was taken 6 years later.

Yeonmi Park Plastic SurgeryThe difference in her facial structure is noticeable in these before-after pictures. (Source: Instagram)

She definitely seems to have plastic surgery. Now the question arises of what kind of plastic surgery Park might have done.

According to her facial transformation in her photos and videos, she might have done lip filling, a nose job, and breast enlargement.

Yeonmi Park age – How Old Is She?

As of 2023, Yeonmi Park is 29 years old. The defector was born on October 4, 1993. She was born in the repressed society of North Korea. 


As the youngest child, she was born to a beautiful couple, Park Jin Sik and Keum Sook Byeon. Eun-mi is her elder sibling. 

The family flew to China by crossing the border into Changbai Korean Autonomous County, Jilin, China, in 2007. The family as a whole hated the oppressive nature of the North Korean leaders and wanted to go somewhere far.

The libra was then enrolled in Columbia University to complete her bachelor’s. Her major was in Arts. She already has citizenship in North Korea, South Korea, and The United States of America.

Yeonmi Park Plastic SurgeryYeonmi Park in Tedtalk back in 2022 appearing in TED Show. (Source: YouTube)

Yeonmi Park husband – Who Is Ezekiel?

Yeonmi married an American named Ezekiel in 2017, but the love was short-lived, and the couple separated their paths in 2020. 

The couple also had a son together. She also has a YouTube channel with more than a million subscribers. On her YouTube channel in January 2021, she said she is single and has grown apart from her former partner. 

Moreover, after her divorce, she even stated that her former husband was abusive towards her, and she didn’t find reasons to stay in the relationship anymore.

She recently even exposed her scars from her past marriage. Although the activist has not talked much about her past marriage, it is quite sure that she had an abusive husband. Similarly, she has not talked about her son either.

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