Why Was Tyler Falconer Arrested With Animal Cruelty? [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Tyler Falconer Arrested

Tyler Falconer is said to be charged with animal cruelty. People want to know the reason behind the charges. What did he do? You will get complete details about Tyler Dalconer in this article. keep reading for more information.

Tyler Falconer Arrested

Why Was Tyler Falconer Arrested?

Tyler Falconer is a firefighter and dog training owner. He belongs to Burlington, Massachusetts. His dog training facility was operating till March 2023. It was named Falco K9. The reason behind its shutdown was that many customers claimed about the dogs being abused. The animals were misbehaved and treated ill. He has also been charged with animal cruelty. This might be the reason behind the charges. He is currently a married man. He gets married to Katie Thompson. She is NewsCenter 5 EyeOpener Traffic anchor.

According to some sources, he is charged with three counts of animal cruelty and three counts of dog tethering. The customers started complaining about the changes in the behavior of the dogs when they returned from the center. After the charges were made, Rhiannon Conner, a customer mentioned that her dog, Luna was 25 pounds thinner after returning to the facility. It spent three weeks there. Another customer reported to police as her dog was covered in Urine.

It also lost a lot of weight. The customer has not mentioned her identity. She sends her Golden Retriever Sawyer for the training. Another customer revealed that her dog has lost 12 pounds of weight as it spent 18 days at the facility. The customer is Marjorie Ruggieri. Her dog’s body was fully covered with sores. She complained a lot of times but her complaints were not registered. They don’t provide proper nourishment and food to the dogs. They were not provided enough water to drink.

Tyler Falconer Arrested

The sanitary environment was also not so good. The charges have been made. He can also be prisoned if found guilty. This was all about Tyler Falconer’s animal cruelty charges. let us conclude the above.


Tyler Falconer was said to be involved in the animal cruelty charges. People are curious to know why he was charged with animal cruelty. He is a firefighter. He was running his own dog training facility. It closed in March 2023. The training center was found to be involved in abusing the animals. The worst part is that most of the animals who were sent to the training lost their weight so much. They were not provided proper nourishment. Stay tuned for more details.

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