Why was Remy Ma in Prison? Rapper 6 years Imprisonment [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Remy Ma

Remy Ma is said to be in prison. People are curious to know more about Remy Ma and her life. We will provide details about Remy Ma in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Remy Ma

Why was Remy Ma in Prison?

Remy Ma is said to be in prison. As we all know that Remy Ma is a well-known rapper. She is 43 years of age. According to her, she feels like she is just 35 years of age. She mentions that she will only count the years spent outside the jail. Remy Ma was imprisoned for 6 years. She was taken into custody and her sentence began in 2008. She came out of prison in 2014. She was first announced 8 years of imprisonment. She and Makeda Barnes had a physical altercation.

Remy Ma

She was caused of assault and was charged with assault, illegal weapon possession, and coercion. She was sentenced to 8 years but was released 2 years early. She moved to the prison in 2008 and was released in 2014. She was having a difficult time behind the bar. She was focussing on herself during the time period. As she was a rapper, she focused on her music and developed herself in jail. After she came out, she was back into her career. This reason made her conclude that she will not count her 6 years of prison for her age and will live again.

Remy Ma

Remy Ma Was In Prison For Years:

Remy Ma is 1980 born. She celebrates her birthday every year on 30th May. It was time when she started being recognized and Big Pun also came to know about her. She has given many successful songs like Whuteva, Ante Up, Lean Back, and Conceited. She has won BET Awards for Best Female Hip Hop Artist. She became one of the only four artists who received it. Apart from it, she received 2 Source Awards. She was also seen in Grammy Awards nomination. She is active on Instagram, You can follow her on Instagram @remyma. This was all about Remy Ma. Let us conclude the above.


Remy Ma is a well-known rapper. She was arrested after her physical altercation with Makeda Barnes. She was accused of assault, weapon possession, and violence. She was charged and sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. The incident took place in 2007. She was imprisoned in 2008 and was released in 2014. She was released after 6 years of imprisonment. She is back in the music industry. We keep bringing such details on our website. Stay tuned for more details.

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