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We know that it has become a habit to check your social media platforms from time to time. As soon as we wake up, the first thing we use to do in the morning is to check our messages on social media apps including Twitter, and when it does not work properly our mood automatically fragile. It is common for the applications to not work and there are several reasons for it. But sometimes, the issues occurred from the side of the creators and it becomes a worldwide issue. This time as well, the users of Twitter are worried after finding an issue on this platform.


Twitter Preview Not Showing: How to fix it?

If you are using Twitter, then you surely know which issue we are talking about. Yes, you are right, we are talking about the issue of Preview which is not showing on Twitter. All those who are frustrated with the issue termed as “Twitter Preview Not Showing” need to calm down as we came here to share how users can fix it. We are sharing the ways in order to fix this issue and how to turn on the media preview. So don’t miss out on any paragraph and we promise that you will not regret reading it.

Before talking about the solution to the problem, it is necessary to know the issue. The issue occurring on Twitter refers to a situation where the preview of an image or a link is not showing correctly when shared on this platform. Normally, when the user shares an image or a URL on Twitter, the platform generates a preview that includes a description, title, and sometimes an accompanying picture. The function of this preview provides a preview of the content being shared and aids to get the attention of the viewers.

Though, if the preview is not viewing up as expected or is missing wholly, it means there is a problem with the process of preview generation. This could be because of several factors, such as invalid or missing metadata, content restrictions, cache problems, or network/server issues. Now the next thing which everyone wants to know is how to fix this problem without delaying it. We are mentioning some methods of doing it so read each way carefully.

  • The first thing which every user needs is to check the meta tags of the website. Make sure that the website includes the important and necessary meta tags for Twitter. The work of these tags is to provide details about your webpage, such as the title, image, and description which is needed to be displayed in the preview.
  • The next thing a user can do is use the tool called “Twitter Card Validator”.
  • The 3rd way is to refresh the Twitter cache and if not work, then validate the URL.
  • It is important to follow the guidelines of Twitter if you are facing any issues and even after following all the above measures, the last thing is to make direct contact with Twitter support.

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