Why did Lewis Capaldi’s Sister Suicide? Mother breaks down in floods of tears [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

The mother of Lewis Capaldi is currently in the news after she shares the horrific family tragedy. She has broken down in floods of tears and shares what happened. She shares her story in the new documentary titled “Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now”. The clip of this part has posted online which instantly went viral and made people talk about it. Talking as part of his new documentary the mother Carol disclosed her son had been in the house when her sister sadly died. The 26-year-old Lewis talks about his ongoing fight with anxiety and depression as well as being a hypochondriac.

Lewis Capaldi

Why did Lewis Capaldi’s Sister Suicide?

Hypochondria is a disease causes the person to suffer or feel extreme anxiety about their health that including worrying that are or may become severely ill. The singer stated in his documentary that “I have always been a hypochondriac. I have been obsessed if something is bad and wrong with me, and sometimes I feel like, I am dying. After getting such constant thoughts, I decided to take medical counseling and then I went to the therapist and she was like “Do you not think that it got something to do with the fact your aunt and your grandmother both passed away when were like 3 or 4, within a year.”

Lewis Capaldi Lewis Capaldi

Later on, footage in the documentary shows the singer as a young child who was playing with his family members, his dad, and his mother Mark disclosed the tragic and sad events. Mark started, “Pat was the sister of Carol. She took her own life. I was there, and I watched a lot of things and stuff. We were outside the apartment the night, my father went upstairs and discover her dead.” At this moment, the mother of the singer breaks into tears and states that “You feel so guilty, that you did not manage to stop it.”

Lewis Capaldi Lewis Capaldi

She further added, “This tragedy has left an impact on everyone and we need to get to the point where we can think, ‘Well, you can not stop somebody. You can try and aid them, give them as much support and help as you can unless they want to aid themselves. I am still guilty but I know I can’t change it.” At this moment, she completely broke and walked away from the camera, and then her husband went to comfort her.” Apart from it, the 26-year-old singer disclosed that he penned his popular song titled “Before You Go” about his aunt. He said he also struggled to keep his emotions inside.

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