Why did Debbie and Oussama breaks up? 90 Day Fiancé fans reacts [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Debbie and Oussama

90 Days Fiance: The Other Way is back with another finale. The show has just ended up with season 4. People want to know more about 90 Days Fiance The Other Way season 4. You will get complete details about 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 4 in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Debbie and Oussama

Why did Debbie and Oussama breaks up?

90-Day Fiance: The Other Way is a show that aired on TLC. The finale of 90-Day Fiance: The Other Way was aired on 7th May. It was telecasted at 8 pm. In the episode, we saw Debbie goes back to the USA. Oussma and Debbie break up. They both decided to settle in Morocco but seeing him asking for an American visa was shocking. He convinced Debbie to stay back but she was not ready to do so. She saw the actual side of her parents.

Debbie and Oussama

Debbie says that she will not handle the lies. Debbie was shocked when Oussama revealed his intention to get a US visa. He replied that he was not saying to go now. He was planning to go after their marriage. While she replies that they were planning to go in the future, not after their wedding. As it was shown that Oussama was with Debbie for a US visa. She decided to leave and go back to her home. She decided not to talk with Oussama again.

Her son also does not want her to marry Oussama. She left for Morocco but was having plans for marrying. When she saw the truth behind Oussama being with Debbie just for a US visa, she left. They both had an intense fight. Oussama did not say anything about whether he was this type of person, but later, Debbie said that She learned a lot of things from her relationship. Fans are happy after she left. They don’t want her to be used by him. Oussama said that he wants her to make a decision about what she wants. This made her break the relationship and her decision even stronger. Let us conclude the above.


Oussama and Debbie were said to be having a severe fight in the relationship. She came to know that Oussama was staying with her just to get a US visa. She has been left broken. Her son was also against her marriage to Oussama. Fans are happy to see her taking the steps and moving on from the relationship. Stay tuned for more details.

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