Who Killed Yusuf Nazlioglu? Mohammed Hosni Khaled arrested with murder over shooting of former bikie [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Yusuf Nazlioglu

It is sin to kill someone not only in the court of God but on earth as well. The punishment for this crime is quite strict but still, people commit this crime and took the lives of other people without feeling hesitation. If the deceased is a common person then only his/her family feels sad but if the deceased is a famous personality then the entire social media and his//her fans get sad. One of the most dreadful news to hear the murder news as it makes us think that where the world is going and how easily people are committing crimes without thinking about the consequences of it. This time as well a person has been facing the charges of the murder of an ex-bikie.

Yusuf Nazlioglu(Supplied: NSW Police )

What Happened To Yusuf Nazlioglu?

The deceased is identified as ex-bikie, Yusuf Nazlioglu. However, the deceased lost his life last year, but recently the police have charged the man whose hands were behind the murder of a former bikie. The suspect lethally shot him in a Sydney car park. The report states that Yusuf Nazlioglu was discovered with numerous gunshot injuries to his head and torso in Rhodes in the inner west of Sydney on 27th June 2022. Furthermore, the deceased was instantly taken from his apartment car park to Westmead Hospital where he passed away. At the time of the murder, the deceased was 40 years old. He was an ex-member of the Lone Wolf bikie gang.

Mohammed Hosni KhaledMohammed Hosni Khaled (Supplied: NSW Police )

Mohammed Hosni Khaled arrested

The reports further added that the deceased was found not guilty of the killing of a Comanchero boss named Mick Hawi in the year 2020. After the incident was reported, detectives released Strike Force Claypinch to probe the incident as part of Task Force Erebus, watching into the chain of lethal shootings and crime networks spreading in Sydney. On Wednesday, 19th April 2023, NSW Police executed a search warrant in southwest Sydney as part of their probes. The suspect identified as Hosni Khaled was detained at a Blair Athol house prior to being charged with the killing.


The murder case has been registered at Campbelltown police station. Danny Doherty, the Detective Superintendent stated cops would claim that Mr. Nazlioglu was the sufferer of a gangland murder. He further added that “This was a well-planned crime killing-extensively organized and executed very well.” He states that cops would claim the suspect was engaged in the planning as well as coordination of the killing including surveillance of the sufferer for weeks prior to the lethal shooting. Apart from it, the cops held 5 different quests across Sydney on Wednesday, 19th April 2023 after charging the suspect with the killing of the ex-bikie who got killed in front of his wife.

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