Who Is Yue Yu? California dermatologist poisoning husband and abusing their kids [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Yue Yu

Yue Yu is in the headlines for being said to poison her husband and abuse her kids. People are eager to know more about her. You will get complete details about Yue Yu in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Yue Yu

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Who Is Yue Yu?

Yue Yu is a 45 years old dermatologist. She belongs to Irvine. She has been said to be responsible for the poisoning of her husband’s tea and for abusing her kids. The orange county district officer has also confirmed the incident. According to her husband, he caught her mixing a Drano-like cleaner in his tea. His husband previously also mentioned her being abusive along with her mother. However, Yue’s attorney mentioned that she was mixing it for killing the ants in the kitchen and Chan has misinterpreted. He mentioned that he has been suspicious of his wife’s activities since April 2022. He installed cameras for security. He also mentioned that he feels his wife and mother-in-law are abusive. He wants to get separated and have custody of his children.

Yue Yu’s Husband Wants His Kid’s Custody:

The dermatologist has been accused of poisoning her husband and abusing her kids. The husband wants his kid’s custody. Yue Yu has been arrested on 6 April 2023. She has been found guilty of poisoning his tea several times along with the domestic battery. His husband also has a video from July month. According to his lawyer, she daily takes a bottle and pours something into his tea, and keeps it under the sink.

Yue Yu

Chen’s attorney has shown the screenshots of the recordings. He has also mentioned that Chen has remained ill quite often this month and last month, He has inflammation in the esophagus, gastritis, and ulcers. His wife’s action has a severe impact on his body. When he went to the doctor and realized the symptoms, he came to know that something is going wrong with his body.

Yue Yu was said to be responsible for mixing poison in the morning tea of her husband. According to her husband, When children used to play with him, she gets disturbed and yells at the children. All of them were happy. They liked spending time with their father. He has filed for divorce against his wife. This comes under domestic violence as she wants him to suffer. She used to lock her kids and wake them up at the night. She was arrested in August 2022. She has been released from jail. She gets bail on a bond of $30,000. On 18 April 2023, the arraignment will proceed further.

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