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Stealing Chicken Wings

From childhood, we are taught that stealing is a sin. Still, the cases of stealing are increasing. Police authorities are quite serious about this crime and punishing culprits.

But still, the cases are not taking the name to stop. We often hear many cases of robbery and stealing but some of the cases instantly grab our attention for example, a recent case happened where a woman is charged with stealing food. Now, you all must be thinking that why the case is in the hype, the reason is simply that the woman steals the food which is worth $1.5 million.

Stealing Chicken Wings

Who Is Vera Liddell?

The moment people heard the worth of food, they get stunned and rush to know the entire case. According to the reports, an Illinois woman who is 66 years old is claimed to have stolen $1.5 million worth of food. The woman identified as Vera Liddell. The reports state that she mostly stole the chicken wings, over the last 2 years. It is quite shocking to know that she was stealing food over the last two years. Now the question is when the authorities get to know about this stealing. Other than that, this stealing is now considered a huge “food heist”.

The reports state that this crime came to light after an audit disclosed that the school district was thousands of dollars over budget. The criminal woman reportedly placed unofficial orders with the primary food supplier of the Harvey School District. The reports state that at the time of the crime, Vera was allegedly the food services director of the public educational institution. Now she is behind the bars and facing charges of financial crimes and theft exceeding around $1 million.

Stealing Chicken Wings

The case is in court and as per the documents submitted in the court, the former food services director started stealing food when the coronavirus pandemic was at its peak. When the entire world was struggling with the lethal disease this woman was engaging in committing a crime. The reports state that during the pandemic, the kids did not physically attend school but their meals were taken by their families. The documents discovered that this was the time when Liddell started the theft and stole $1.5 million worth of food.

The documents shared that the Harvey School District was over the budget by around $300,000 even though at that time only half a school year had been completed. Later on, it was disclosed that an ex-worker, who was in the position of food services director at that time, was committing the crime and doing huge fraud. The accused woman stole mostly chicken wings. This case is now considered a huge “food heist”.

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