Who Is Siu Kong Sit? Beckman Teacher Arrested after hidden cameras found in bathroom [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

An arrest of a teacher was made at Irvine High School after he hide a camera in the student school bathroom. According to the sources, the arrest was made on Monday after police identified that the teacher recorded students in the bathroom. Now, the accused in the case has been also identified as 37-year-old Siu Kong Sit who was arrested at Beckham High School. The Irvine Police Department says that the hidden camera was found by a maintenance worker who found a recording device in an all-gender bathroom near the swimming pool. Now, the investigation of this is underway.

Siu Kong Sit

Who Is Siu Kong Sit?

After the camera was found by the maintenance worker, he handed over the device to the administrators, who contacted the police. The IPD said, Sit is a resident of Santa Ana and after this incident, he has been booked into the Orange County Jail for possession of or manufacturing child pornography, burglary, and two misdemeanor charges. The Beckman High School is part of the Tustin Unified School District. The camera was found on Monday after a maintenance worker found the devices hidden in the all-gender restroom which was built near the school’s swimming pool. Keep reading to get more details of the incident and how many are involved in this crime.

Well, the investigators are still investigating the case and it was determined by them that the devices were placed there by a teacher, identified as Siu Kong Sit. He was later arrested at the school and booked at Orange County Jail for possession of child p*rnography. Now, Irvine Police Department is trying to locate more victims who are believed to be involved in this matter. The victims will be arrested on evidence found on the devices. As per the post by the Irvine Police Department on Facebook, investigators are hoping to find anyone who used restrooms between February 24 and February 27.

Despite Siu Kong Sit, there is another arrest made yet by the police. Along with this, the picture of the accused has been shared on the Internet. After this, other restrooms of the school were also analyzed by the officials to find more devices like this. A post on Facebook reads,” Southern Gar Bay High School Teacher Arrested for Placing Recording Equipment in School Bathrooms. A male teacher at Beckman High School in Irvine, Southern California, has been arrested for allegedly placing a hidden recording device in a school bathroom on charges of possessing or producing child p*rnography”.

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