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It seems that everyone on social media is just talking about Savannah Grant. In fact, Savannah Grant has become the topic of the town since her interview video was posted on Youtube. People recognize Savannah Grant for throwing acid at her boyfriend’s secret partner. Recently, Savannah Grant appeared in an interview video that is available to watch on Youtube. Here we are going to share all the imperative details about Savannah Grant and what actually happened years ago. So be sticky with this page and must read the following sections of this article. Drag down the page.

Savannah Grant's Boyfriend

What Is The Name Of Savannah Grant’s Boyfriend?

The incident for which people across the world recognize Savannah Grant happened 20 years ago in 2002. In fact, Savannah Grant also served 20 years for throwing acid at her boyfriend’s girlfriend. Do you know who is the victim? It is also an interesting fact to know. Let’s first talk about the Youtube video, if you are willing to watch Savannah Grant’s sensational interview, please check out the “UNWINEWITHTASHAK” Youtube channel. After 20 years Savannah Grant did, she is gaining attention from the media. However, Savannah Grant justified her action by throwing acid at a woman. Scroll down the page and read what happened back in 2002.

Savannah Grant's Boyfriend

In the interview, Savannah Grant uttered the name of her boyfriend which is Anton. There is not many details are known about Savannah Grant’s boyfriend Anton but still, he has been a concerning topic on the internet. Anton is the man who was dating two women at the same point in time. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that Anton is the reason that two women have to suffer, one with blindness and another with 20 years of jail.

Savannah Grant's Boyfriend

Savannah Grant was sent to jail for throwing acid on her boyfriend’s secret girlfriend named Sabrina Greenlee. Do you know who is Sabrina Greenlee? She is the mother of American footballer DeAndre Hopkins. Grant pleaded guilty to throwing acid on DeAndre’s mother and Anton’s secret girlfriend Sabrina Greenlee who lost eyesight in the incident. Reportedly, one day Savannah Grant got to know about Sabrina and Anton’s secret affair. Grant and Anton were arguing over the matter when suddenly Sabrina rang the doorbell. Meanwhile, Savannah understood that Sabrina is at the door. Suddenly, Savannah Grant approached Sabrina and threw acid on her face. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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