Who Is Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead? Mother Arrested Over Son Matthew Whitehead First-Degree Murder [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead

DiRienzo-Whitehead is a mother who is said to be involved in the murder of her 11-year-old son, Matthew Whitehead. She killed her son by strangling him with a belt. People want to know more about the incident. Keep reading for more details.

Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead

Who Is Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead?

Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead is a 50 years old woman who is charged with killing her son. The reason behind his murder is being said that Ruth does not want his son to go through the hard times that the family was going through financially. His father made a police report on Tuesday morning as he found his son lying dead on the floor. People are curious to know about Ruth’s son, Matthew.

Who Was Ruth DiRienzo’s Son Matthew Whitehead?

Matthew Whitehead was the son of Ruth Whitehead. He was found dead by his father on Tuesday morning, 11th April 2023. People are raising different questions and debating as the news went viral. How a mother can kill her own son? It is not the first time that these types of cases are coming out. She said that her son used to cry the whole day about the financial struggles the family was going through. She considered it the better option to take her son’s life in order to free him from crying every day.

Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead

His father found him passed away the previous night when his wife was sleeping with their son in the master bedroom. Matthew’s father found that the bedroom was locked and his wife was not there. She went off in an SUV. We don’t have much information about the place where her husband slept last night. According to sources, She ran away early morning from her house in an SUV.

Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead

She goes to Cape May, New Jersey which was 120 miles from her city. She drove her car straight into the water. The belt used in the murder was also found in the car. She was seen walking down the street confused and messy. She was wearing tattered pajamas. an affidavit has also been found mentioning the statement, I Know What I Did. There has not been any lawyer seen for her.

What Charges Have Been Put Upon Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead?

Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead has been charged with first and third-degree murder charges. She has been detained in Cape May. However, she will be back in the county for arraignment. This was all about Ruth DiRienzo’s murder case. We will update you as the case proceeds further.

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