Who Is Marisa Utterback? Arrested For Murdering Yashua Martinez [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Marisa Utterback

No one is born a killer, the situation makes them criminal. We often hear about many cases of murder but one thing is common the nature of the demise. It is not necessary that every murder occurred due to robbing, sometimes people take this harsh step in anger and spoiled their life. We are present here with the details of one such murder and people, as usual, want to know the reason for the murder and what charges were made against the criminal. According to the reports, the accused identified as Marisa Utterback was detained for the killing of Yashya Martinez in the year 2022. This murder happened in the month of September 2022.

Marisa Utterback

Who Is Marisa Utterback?

The reports state that construction workers found the dead body of the unidentified man on 22nd September 2022 on Highway 275 and this stirred up the entire area. The case was lodged and police soon released the identification of the victim he was recognised as Yashya Martinez from La Vista. The reports state that the dead body of the victim was lying on the Highway for at least 4 days. During the investigation, the police got to know that it was a hit-and-run case. The man was hit by the silver Jeep that was belonging to Marisa Utterback who hails from Fremont.

Marisa Utterback

The police detained her and she asserted that she had hit the deer many days prior to the incident. Though the investigating officers believed the dent on the car occurred not because of the collision with the deer but due to something else. The police opened each layer of the case and got to know that the accused was driving the car that took the life of Yasha. At the start of this month 2023, the 30-year-old suspect was detained and charged with the killing of a man. She is also charged with reckless driving and other charges related to the accident. With the revelation, the murder case of Yashua Martinez was solved.

Marisa Utterback was found responsible for the car killing of the Las Vista Man. Now, this 30-year-old accused is facing the charges of the demise of the 27-year-old man. As per the Office of the Dodge County Attorney, Utterback faces 5 felony charges. Besides the charges of murder, she is also facing other charges that include reckless driving, failing to render help, leaving the person at the crime scene of an accident, tampering with the proof and other charges related to the violations. The suspect is currently behind the bars.

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