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Madeline Kingsbury is been missing for the last few days. The search is going on. Everyone is curious to know more about her. You will get complete details about Madeline and her husband in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Madeline Kingsbury

Who Is Madeline Kingsbury Partner?

Madeline is a mother of two children who are said to be missing for the past few days. She was last seen on 31st March 2023, Friday. Currently, a mass search is going on. People want to know more about her husband. Is she married? She was living in Winona, Minnesota. She was just 26 years old. A massive search is being organized where 1000 people have collaborated to find her. This massive search has gained hope in her mother and other family members, but despite being in such a difficult condition, her family is being sent harsh messages.

Madeline Kingsbury

Madeline Kingsbury’s partner mentions that she was not her home when he arrived. We don’t have much information about her. His identity is being kept private due to some security issues. No one was able to connect with her on that day. She is missing since then. Megan was a working woman. She used to work at the Mayo Clinic. She is said to be 5.4 feet. tall. She was having brown hair and hazel eyes. When she did not arrive at the daycare to pick up her children, her mother was tensed and concerned as she did not disappear like this.

Madeline Kingsbury

Kingsburry Twitter update:

Everyone is on the search for Madeline. The police department of Winona is helping the family in the investigation. She was not wearing her jacket as her jacket, wallet, ID, and smartphone were at her home. She left all the accessories which may indicate that she did not run away and might get in some trouble. The police department has requested the locals to inform them if they have any information regarding her. Investigators have checked everything. There has been no clue till now about her. A similar vehicle was seen going through Winona County. Let us conclude the above.

Madeline Kingsbury


Madeline was last seen on Friday. She has been missing. The police have not announced anything about her. The investigation is still going on. There has been no confirmation yet whether she is alive or not. We will update you as soon as we get a report from the police. We may find her soon. This was all about Madeline. Her husband’s identity has been kept private for privacy concerns. The police have also not mentioned whether he is her husband or boyfriend.

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