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Jamie Lee Komoroski

In this article, we are going to talk about the drunk driver who killed a new bride “Jamie Lee Komoroski. The accused intoxicated driver who rammed into a golf cart transporting a newlywed couple earlier this month has been identified as Amie Lee Komoroski. The bride, Samantha Miller, 34, died in the collision on April 28 while the groom, Aric Hutchinson, suffered critical injuries. Jamie Lee Komorosk, 25, allegedly drove her automobile more than twice the speed limit in South Carolina while having a blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit. The incident has received a ton of media and public attention. Jamie Komoroski has been making news because of this. Recently, her lawyer urged people not to make snap decisions. It doesn’t seem like Jamie Lee Komoroski is married. Regarding Jamie Lee Komoroski’s husband, there has been no formal report. To know more about this scroll down to the next paragraph.

Jamie Lee Komoroski

Who Is Jamie Lee Komoroski’s Husband?

The 25-year-old was detained on suspicion of colliding with a golf cart transporting a newlywed couple. Jamie is accused of three charges of felony DUI causing serious injuries and one count of reckless homicide. Komoroski allegedly kept repeating, “I did nothing wrong,” and wanted to go home, according to a number of witnesses. Komoroski allegedly stated that she didn’t do anything wrong and that she was simply returning home when “all of a sudden something hit her.” She smelled like booze to the officer. They also saw that the suspect was traveling in the opposite way from her house. Additionally, no members of the suspect’s family have spoken forward.

Jamie Lee Komoroski Jamie Lee Komoroski Jamie Lee Komoroski Jamie Lee Komoroski Jamie Lee Komoroski

As a result, little is known about her family and history. Komoroski was born and raised in New Jersey, according to the New York Post. Recently, she relocated to South Carolina. Jamie is a 2020 graduate of Coastal Carolina University with a degree in marketing. The suspected drunk driver resided on James Island with two other persons, worked as a server at the Mexican restaurant Taco Boy, and was also a resident. Jamie was praised by the restaurant manager for having a “good personality for the job.” Aric Hutchinson, the groom, misplaced his bride the night of the wedding.

Jamie Lee Komoroski Jamie Lee Komoroski Jamie Lee Komoroski Jamie Lee Komoroski

The allegedly intoxicated driver whose car struck their golf cart is currently being sued by the distraught groom. The groom is also suing the establishment where Komoroski reportedly consumed alcohol before to the collision. Komoroski apparently had a few beers at a tavern and eatery close to Daniel Island before getting behind the wheel. According to affidavits of arrest, Komoroski drank a beer and a shot of tequila. After that, she stopped at three more bars before continuing on to Folly Island. So this was all about this case. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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