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Recently the public seems to be very interested in Jackie Miller James’ life as they all are going through the internet to know more about her. They are not only searching for her but they are also very much interested in her family lives also, as they all are searching for her husband over the internet. In this article, we have brought the information about her, not only about her but also about her husband as the viewers like to know more about them. keep reading through the article to know more about the life of influencer Jackie Miller James.

Jackie Miller James

Who Is Jackie Miller James?

Jackie Miller James, a digital producer and aspiring influencer, likes “beauty, lifestyle, and real talk.” She was born in California in 1988. After working for five years as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and six years as a professional backup dancer in New York, she will have changed careers and become a full-time influencer by the year 2021. A week before giving birth, she experienced a brain aneurysm and was put into a surgically induced coma. As she fights for her life in the ICU, she has yet to meet her bundle of joy. Austin James and Jackie Miller Miller have a loving union. He and she connected online. In April 2022, they were wed in the Napa Valley.

Jackie Miller James

Miller James’ husband Austin found the pregnant mother and brought her to the urgent care unit (ICU), where she underwent a simultaneous emergency C-section and brain operation. Austin James has been learning how to raise a baby by being at his wife’s side in the hospital. Miller James’ sisters claim that “Jackie’s husband and family have not left her side since the incident.” In addition to caring for a newborn in the ICU, they are battling to keep Jackie alive. Over 27,000 of Miller James’ Instagram followers have received regular updates on her daily routines, skincare routine, and pregnancy symptoms.

Jackie Miller James

In a video released on May 18, Miller James discussed the signs of pregnancy at 39 weeks. These signs and symptoms included snoring because of increased pressure, ankle swelling, and sleeplessness. Although their newborn spent the first 12 days of her life in the NICU after an emergency cesarean delivery, she is unharmed. Miller James is still on life support after having five different brain surgeries. She is expected to require intense rehabilitation and spend a few weeks in the ICU. Miller most recently posted a series of glamorous pregnancy photos to her Instagram account on May 18, which were followed by a funny shot of her sleeping down with a hamburger on her stomach.

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