Who is Fatima Tahir and why is she trending on Twitter? [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Fatima Tahir

Fatima Tahir is trending on Twitter. People are curious to know more about her. Why is she trending on Twitter? You will get complete details about Fatima Tahir in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Fatima Tahir

Who Is Fatima Tahir?

Fatima Tahir is a well-known Pakistani TikToker, model, and influencer. She often gets in the limelight for her semi-nude pictures that often give her people’s attention. What is the reason behind her being viral this time? She has been popular on Instagram reels also. She has been trolled many times for her pictures and videos. This time, the reason behind her being viral is something comical. She went to the Corp commander’s house in Lahore. She condemned the May 9 attack which got a comical reaction from the public making her trending on Twitter. @memeneuron mentions on Twitter that Pak Army needs a girl like Fatima Tahir for regaining their image in the public. While another user laughs at her condemning the 9th May incident.

A blue tick Twitter user mentioned that she might be condemning her like this for the incident. Below the user posted her dog face filter image. Another user mentions that this plot twist was unexpected. many news sites are covering her for her action. She might do it for the views in an intentional way while on the other hand, she might do it not expecting such a comical outcome. You can mention your opinion in the comments below. Let us conclude the above.

Fatima Tahir is in the headlines and trending on Twitter. She is a Pakistani Influencer who creates Instagram reels and TikTok videos. She often posts semi-nude pictures o get more views and gets more attention from people for the same reason. However, this time, she played a different game. She was seen reaching the Corp Commander’s house in Lahore. She was seen condemning the 9th May attack. Where people started making fun of her. They started mentioning lol, lmao, wtf, and other funny short forms in her comment section. twitter users have posted different reactions to the video.

One user mentions that this twist was not expected. Other mentions that the Pak army needs a girl like Fatima Tahir to re-image themselves. Others were mentioning LMAO. She was said to be trolled earlier for her clothes. This time, she has been made fun of by a large audience. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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