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Daniel Bradley aka FPL Mate

Today here we are going to share details about the famous youtube and the content writer “Daniel Bradley”. He is also known as FPL MATE. He is one of the most popular YouTubers. He is going viral on the Internet. He is receiving love from many people. His content is loved by many people. He has a lot of fans on youtube. His fans love to watch his videos. Now a lot of people on the internet are very curious to know about Daniel Bradley. So we have done a lot of research on him and we have gathered a lot of information about him. Now we are going to share every single piece of information about him. So, Read the whole article and please don’t skip any line or paragraph of this article if you don’t want to miss anything about Daniel. Let us continue the article.

Who Is Daniel Bradley aka FPL Mate?

Daniel Bradley is a popular FPL manager. He has an amazing fan following. Till now he has gained a large fan following on social media. He is also a YouTuber. He makes youtube videos on how to succeed in the FPL game. Daniel is known for his in-depth analysis. He is mostly known as FPL mate. He resides in the UK. He is one of the leading content creators in the Fantasy Football industry.

He has an amazing fan following. He has more than 167k subscribers on youtube. His youtube channel name is FPL Mate. Till now he has uploaded more than 790 videos. He also does a lot of live streams on his youtube channel. He is also very popular on Instagram. He has more than 11k followers on Instagram. His nickname is “Dan”. Dan started playing the FPL games in 2010. After that, he started sharing gaming tips on youtube in 2015.

.Daniel is very popular in the gaming industry. His fans love his gaming video. His advice and tips have helped many people to achieve success in the FPL game. He is an inspiration for many gamers. His fans love his gaming tips. He has a depth of knowledge of FPL mate. If you are looking for game tips so you should definitely follow the tips of Dan. And we wish him great success in his life. So this was all about Daniel Bradley FPL mate. We have told you everything about him. So, Stay tuned to PKB news for more interesting articles like this one.

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