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There is a new incident that has happened in Louisville, Kentucky. There has been a horrific mass shooting at the Old National Bank in Louisville. The shooter is none other than Connor Turgeon, he is an employee at the bank. This incident happened at around 8.30 am on Monday. Five people died in this incident. This news is going viral on the internet. This news is the headline of every social media platform. Now people are very curious to know about this case and there is a new question which has been raised on the internet is the, Who is Connoe Sturgeon’s girlfriend? So we have done a lot of research on him and have gathered a lot of information about him. Now we are going to share every single piece of information with you. So, Read the whole article.

Connor Sturgeon

Who Is Connor Sturgeon’s Girlfriend?

Connour Sturgeaon is the main suspect in this case. He started shooting in the Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky at around 8.30 am on 10th April 2023, Monday. This attack was live-streamed on Instagram. This incident has given a huge shock to people. The video of this incident is going viral on every social media platform. This is the most horrifying incident. Police are currently investigating this case.

Connor Sturgeonidentified four victims of the Louisville mass shooting

This incident has grabbed everyone’s attention on the internet. Local people of Louisville are very scared to go out of their homes after this incident. Connor Sturgeon is an employee at the Old National Bank. He is 40 years old. A total of 9 people got injured and five people dies in this incident. A lot of police officers got injured. Everyone is in the hospital. Connor Sturgeon also got died while engaging with police. he died on the spot. Till now it is not clear why he attacked the bank where he used to work. That was a very brutal attack. Connor family is in complete shock. Connor also leaves a note where he writes to his parents that he is going to attack the bank.

Connor SturgeonConnor Sturgeon Photos with Mother, Father, and Brother

People on the internet are very curious to know about his relationship status. So we want to tell you that Connor was not dating anyone. he does not have a girlfriend. His relationship status was single. He was also a star athlete in high school. And nobody knows about his past relationship. Much detail has been not revealed yet. Soon more things will get disclosed. So it was all about this incident soon we will share more information about this case. So, Stay tuned with us.

Connor Sturgeon

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