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Marian Proctor husband testifies in Alex Murdaugh murder trial. People are more curious about Marian Proctor’s husband now.

Alex Murdaugh murder trial is an ongoing American criminal case in South Carolina’s Circuit Court. Murdaugh is accused of the murders of his wife, Margaret “Maggie” Murdaugh and his son Paul.

Marian Proctor is the sister of Maggie and sister-in-law of Alex Murdaugh. Marian had always been close with the Murdaugh family and even met Alex after her sister’s death.

Marian asked Alex if Maggie had suffered before her death, to which Alex replied that she didn’t, but it’s hard to know because Maggie and her son’s death still lacks clarity about the circumstances of their death.

Marian asked if he knew who could commit such an inhuman act on his family, to which Alex made a mysterious and questionable remark about the killer’s demeanor.

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Who Is Bart Proctor? Marian Proctor Husband

Marian Proctor was married to Bart Proctor back in 1986. The couple lives in Charleston, South Carolina, United States.

According to his LinkedIn, Bart is the CEO and managing partner at Pye-Barker Fire safety. Bart has been part of many organizations like Mitec Controls of Dallas, Inc. and Rapid Fire Protection Inc.

Honorary Alumnus of Clemson UniversityBart Proctor receiving Honorary Alumnus of Clemson University (Source: Clemson University)

Bart graduated from Burke high school and made a career in fire safety. His contribution to fire safety has been monumental for many people.

Looking at his contribution and passion, Clemson Alumni Association recognized Barton Proctor as an Honorary Alumnus of Clemson University.

Bart has played an essential role in the fundraising effort of Clemson University for many long years. Bart is the father of three children Libby Miller, Hannah Bennett and Katherine Proctor.

All three of his children and his two son-in-law Brady Miller and Connor Bennett, also graduated from Clemson University.

How Much Does Bart Proctor Earn – Net Worth

Bart Proctor, Pye-Barker Fire and Safety’s CEO and managing partner, earn a healthy salary.

PBFS Owner Bart Proctor, Doug’s wife Becky Sartain, PBFS Director of Business Development Chuck Reimel, and CFP owner DougPBFS Owner Bart Proctor, Doug’s wife Becky Sartain, PBFS Director of Business Development Chuck Reimel, and CFP owner Doug (Source: Pye-Barker)

Pye-Barker is one of the industry leaders in fire safety services and equipment, with more than 150 locations of services across the United States and employs more than 4,500 employees.

Pye-Barker is a fast-growing company. According to Zippa, Pye-Barker’s revenue last year was 22 Million USD. So we can speculate that Bart also earns a lot and probably has a few million USD net worths.

Bart Proctor Testimony

Marian Proctor and Bart Proctor testified in the one going case of State of South Carolina v. Richard Alexander Murdaugh.

In the latest hearing, Marian was called to the stand first and said she and Maggie used to talk almost every day expressed that Maggie’s son paul was her world and spent most of her time with her son.

Marian Proctor HusbandBart Proctor in court for testimony. (Source: Count on news)

Marian said Alex looked upset about the death of his wife and said whoever did this had thought about it for a long time which is a questionable thought.

Later, the court called Bart Proctor on the stand, and Waters, an attorney at the case, asked Proctor if he was privy to any conversation that Murdaugh had with his wife after her death. He said yes.

Walter played the Kennel video, a clip related to the case, and he identified Paul, Maggie and Alex’s voices in the video with 100% certainty.

There has not been a conclusion to the case yet, and people have started to speculate about who the criminal is. But without the final decision of the case, it is hard to know who exactly is the culprit here.

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