Who Get Evicted From Indian Idol 2023 This Week! [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Indian Idol 13 Elimination This Week

Here we are going to talk about the famous singing reality show. Yes, we will share about the Indian reality singing show Indian Idol. This show is running with a great Television rating point. This is an outstanding show, which is running great. It has a great fan following among people. People love this show. This is the show, where we watched rising star. Several singers got famous from this show and now they are working great in the music field. All the contestants are superb and they are working great in the show.

Indian Idol Elimination

Indian Idol 13 Elimination This Week

This is the 13th season of Indian Idol and this season is also like other seasons, which were outstanding. All the contestants create fame in the community from this stage. They are doing hard work and making their place safe in the show. As we know elimination is the main rule of every reality show, where according to their performances they get eliminated and those people who performed amazing get a safe place in the show for the further journey. Several things remain to tell you about the news, which you will find in the next section of the article.

1 Navdeep Wadali Eliminated
(26 February 2023)
2 Sonakshi Kar Competing
3 Shivam Singh Competing
4 Rishi Singh Competing
5 Anushka Patra Eliminated
(11 December 2022)
6 Sanchari Sengupta Eliminated
(13 November 2022)
7 Chirag Kotwal Competing
8 Senjuti Das Competing
9 Bidipta Chakraborty Competing
10 Deboshmita Roy Competing
11 Vineet Singh Eliminated
(8 January 2023)
12 Rupam Bharnarhia Eliminated
(27 November 2022)
13 Kavya Limaye Eliminated
(8 January 2023)
14 Pritam Roy Eliminated
(30 October 2022)
15 Shagun Pathak Eliminated
(16 October 2022)

Indian Idol is one of the most famous and successful Indian singing reality shows. It is the Indian version of the British show Pop Idol and is part of the Indian Idol series. It has aired on the famous platform Sony Entertainment Television since 2004. Yes, the first season came in 2004. The show has spawned spin-offs like Indian idol junior, which replaced the show for the seventh and eighth seasons. Show production and taping take place in Mumbai Maharashtra. It comes on Saturday and Sunday and the online platform is the Sonyliv app. We will tell you moreover details about the news.

Furthermore, Let us tell you that On 15 August 2021, an amazing and hardworking singer got the title of the winner of the singing reality show Indian Idol. Now, season 13 is broadcasting at the present time on the same platform SonyTv. The judges of the show are Himesh Reshamiya and Vishal Dadlani are the judges. They are amazing singers in the Bollywood music industry and they are doing great in the music industry. They have given a famous song and all the songs are outstanding and amazing. Scroll down the page to know more information about the show.

Sr No. Contestant Name
1 Navdeep Wadali
2 Sonakshi Kar
3 Shivam Singh
4 Rishi Singh
5 Anushka Patra
6 Sanchari Sengupta
7 Chirag Kotwal
8 Senjuti Das
9 Bidipta Chakraborty
10 Deboshmita Roy
11 Vineet Singh
12 Rupam Bharnarhia
13 Kavya Limaye
14 Pritam Roy
15 Shagun Pathak
16 Sirsshhaa Rakshit
17 Tabish Ali
18 Rito Riba
19 Bunty Bhandaal
20 Prabhupada Mohanty
21 Atul Rao
22 Junetra Das
23 Pratiksha Deka
24 Pratik Arun Sole
25 Muskan Tomar
26 Ananya Nanda
27 Koushik Chakravarti
28 Ganesh Mestri
29 Nahid Afreen
30 Barnali Hota

This show is an amazing show, which has a huge fan following in comparison to other singing reality shows. This show has searched best singer from India. those are the future of the music industry. We have watched in the show that any time many festivals celebrate at a grand and high level to invite famous personalities to show. They come and enjoy the performances of the contestants. They sing from the heart and get appreciation from them. There are not several famous celebrities who came here and enjoyed the performances. Here we will share the highlights of the upcoming episode. Scroll down the page to know more information about the show.

On the basis of the promo videos, The upcoming episode is going to be very interesting and entertaining. Aditya Narayan welcomes the hero of Bollywood, Suneil Shetty, and the amazing musical duo, Salim and Sulaiman. Yes, famous stars will come to the show and enjoy the show to see the performances of the contestants. All the contestants are outstanding. All the contestants sing amazingly in the episode. You will see that Harsh will ask Sunil what today this show will get the finalist and what is his view. He says that all the contestants are fire.

Indian Idol Season 13 Eliminated Constants

Sr No. Contestant Name
1. Anushka Patra
2. Sanchari Sengupta
3. Vineet Singh
4. Rupam Bharnarhia
5. Kavya Limaye
6. Pritam Roy
7. Shagun Pathak

He tells that his mother follows this show regularly and she calls him to watch this saying that see Rishi sings amazingly and Bidipta’s voice is melodious. Saleem will share that he is feeling a home because he mee his friend Vishal, who is like a brother. Senjuti will sing the dynamic song, Kurban Hua. She will sing this song with a great and unique style. She creates the fire to sing the song from the heart. She is the one, whose voice has the power to attract everyone’s attention. Salim says to praise her that he is stunned after hearing her singing.

Furthermore, you will see that Chirag comes on the stage and sing the popular song Akho Me Base Ho Tum Tumhe Dil Me Chupa Lunag”. He sings this song with an amazing voice. Sunil Shetty appreciates him saying that his voice took him to back in the 90s. All the guests and judges praise him for his outstanding singing. Bidipta Chowdhury sings the song “Ishq Wala Love” along with Salim and gets great responses from the judges for her vocals. Now, let’s see who will be the finalist because all the contestants are fabulous. Stay tuned for more updates.

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