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Farmer Wants A Wife Finale Spoilers

Love is in the air! Farmer Wants a Wife is back for 2023, with the very bold claim that it’s the most successful season yet. It’s a pretty big call considering the iconic series has a very successful track record. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to find out which five couples find love this season. Read the article for further information and follow us around for all the insights.

Farmer Wants A Wife Finale Spoilers

Farmer Wants A Wife Finale Spoilers

It’s time for Farmer Brenton to decide whether he wants to spend the rest of his life with Sophie or Rachel. But if Rachel can’t tell him how she’s feeling, does she even stand a chance of being chosen? In the show, this week, Brenton visits both Sophie and Rachel in their hometowns and meets their families, to help him make a decision. Continue reading for more details.

Matt and Olivia

Matt and OliviaMatt and Olivia

Although we have a few episodes ahead of us, we do have a sneaking suspicion about which contestants find love. The season has been labeled the ‘most successful with the promise that all five farmers find love – but that doesn’t mean they all stay on the show.  A few weeks ago, a source told that one farmer sends all of his ladies home after revealing he has already found Mrs. Right – and the source was correct, Farmer Andrew and Claire found love before the end of the season.

David and Emily

David and EmilyDavid and Emily

However, when he arrives at Rachel’s house in Perth, he says he can definitely see a future with her, but she has not told him how she feels, and it is weighing on his mind. It’s something special between two people to say you are falling in love and they wanted to make sure it was the right time because it is believed that the right person, wrong timing is a real deal! Rachel only has until the end of Brenton’s visit to Perth to open up to him. Rachel was scared to tell her feelings to him because she was scared of Brenton not reciprocating her love.

Rachel’s twin sister Chelsea, made it to Farmer Matt’s final three, gives Rachel a push. Chelsea pretty much told Rachel not to get scared of the outcome, but to focus on the present. Meanwhile, Farmer Brad needs to make a choice between Morgan and Clare. When he visits Clare in Tamworth, NSW, she gives him a heads-up before he meets her family.

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