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Peso Pluma is a young Mexican-American who gained popularity in the music industry for his blend of conventional Mexican tunes, modern pop, and R&B beats. Dive in to learn more about Peso Pluma Parents.

Hassan Emilo Kabande Laija, artistically known as Peso Pluma, is a rapper and songwriter. On Spotify, he has over 10 million monthly listeners, and his hits “Delivery,” “Siempre Pendientes,” “AMG,” and “El Belicon” are all well known.

After working with well-known musicians like Luis R. Conriquez, Natanel Cano, Becky G, Nicki Nicole and Ovy, he achieved international popularity in 2022.

With Ral Vega, he released the track “El Belicon’ at the start of 2022. After selling 480,000 units, it became his first success on streaming services.

Furthermore, with five singles, he entered the Billboard Hot 100 more times than any other Mexican artist in April 2023.

His song “Ella baila sola” peaked at number 17, the highest rank for a Mexican artist in the U.S.

Peso Pluma Parents: Who Are His Dad And Mom?

Lajila was born in the Zapopan municipality near Guadalajara in the State of Mexico to Jalisco and Sinaloan.

The parents of the growing celebrity are barely mentioned, but the musician claimed that he was influenced by the music played at home.

It’s noteworthy to note that a lot of musicians credit their early musical experiences and upbringing for their success.

Peso Pluma ParentsPeso Pluma has entered the Billboard Hot 100 more times than any other Mexican artist in April 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, according to research, early exposure to music can significantly influence a child’s cognitive development, including their language and memory skills and emotional and social development.

The featherweight boxing division inspired his name after boxer Marco Antonio Barrera observed him during a performance with his musicians and noted that most had thin skins, a physical trait of individuals who compete in this division. After some discussion, the boxer suggested it, and he adopted it.

Finally, he may not frequently discuss his parents in public, but it is evident that their influence on his upbringing greatly impacted the direction of his musical tastes and career.

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Peso Pluma Age and biography

Peso was born on June 15, 1999, in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. By considering his age, as of 2024, he is 25 years old, and his zodiac sign is Gemini. Since he was born in Mexico, he holds Mexican nationality.

The musician’s family was musically inclined from birth, which pushed him to pursue singing.

After some time, he and his cousin started creating songs together, and on February 21, 2020, the label El Cartel de los negeles issued his debut live CD, Disco en Vivo.

Peso Pluma ParentsPeso Pluma with well-known musicians Luis R. Conriquez (Source: Instagram)

He released his debut studio album Ah y Que? on April 20 with the same record Company, and his debut song “Relajado Voy” with the band Decree Real on October 20.

In July of that year, he released Disco en Vivo, Vol 2, her second live album and third album overall.

The song ‘El Belicon’ he co-wrote with singer Ral Vega, brought him his first hit in 2022. It was certified eight times Platinum (Latin) and sold 480K copies in the United States, making it his best-selling and highest-certified song.

Furthermore, on August 15, he debuted “Siempres Pending” with Luis R. Conriquez. With the song’s subsequent success on the Spotify streaming service, many media sources established it as a fresh voice in the local genre.

Peso Pluma Sibling

Regarding Peso’s siblings, nothing is known. Although he hails from a musical family, according to some sources, his brother, sister and parents’ identities remain unknown.

However, when he was young, the musician made songs with his cousin Roberto. Collaborating with family members can promote a sense of community and a shared love of music.

In addition to allowing for the interchange of creative ideas and influences.

Peso Pluma ParentsPeso Pluma with mxalemanmx (Source: Instagram)

His early collaboration with his cousin may have also created the foundation for his eventual success in the music business. Peso began his career as a songwriter but subsequently realized he had a gift for rapping.

He provided ghostwriting services for several well-known Puerto Rican rap groups in the late 2000s. In 2015, he released his debut album, ‘Ciclon,’ to favorable reviews and responses from his admires. 

Since then, Preso has worked with prominent Latin urban musicians like Bad Bunny, Rafa Paboon and Anuel AA to record two additional albums and numerous songs.

Peso Pluma Illness And Health Update

Currently, Peso Pluma, also known as Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, is in good physical shape.

The stories about his condition going around the internet are untrue and unfounded. A similar rumor asserts that the singer signed with Death Row Labels, although there is no real proof to back up this assertion.

This nickname was given to him by Mexican boxer Marco Antonio Barrera, who noted parallels between Pluma’s thin build and those of featherweight fighters.

His first studio album, “Ah y Que?” was published in 2020. His second album, “Efectos Secundarios,” was released in 2021.

Spotify streams are higher for the Mexican musician Peso Pluma than for the Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny.

Regarding Peso Pluma’s illness, nothing is known. His musical genres have made him a well-known Mexican singer, rapper, and songwriter.

Peso Pluma’s father is of Lebanese descent, while his mother’s family hails from Badiragauto, Sinaloa.

He was raised in Guadalajara, and at the age of 115, he started learning how to play the guitar by watching YouTube lessons.

Pluma started penning songs in a private journal despite being teased by his friends. He stated that he saw songwriting as a form of therapy: “That’s where I found myself pouring out my emotions, and then I discovered that some of it would rhyme. I continued practicing and improved over time”.

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