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Love Village Couples Still Together

Love Village was a popular show where people come to find their loved ones. People are curious to know which couples are still together. You will get complete details about Love Village Couples in this article. Keep reading for more information. Love Village is a well-known series on Netflix. The show’s participants usually belong to the age group of 35 to 60 years old. It is a Japanese reality show. The show remembers the romance between Junpei and Okayo. The couple’s story was loved by the fans a lot. People are curious to know more about the couples that are together now also. Which couples were successful in the show?

Love Village Couples Still Together

Which Couples Of Love Village Are Together?

Junpei and Okayo are said to be together. They were friends initially but later turned into a romantic relationship. Okayo showed her love for him. He accepted her love. They are still together after the show ends. The next couple is Totchan and Sakechan. Totchan is a well-known actor while Sakechan is an IT company executive. They are together and living happily. There were initial rumors that Sakechan was interested in Yukorin, but later, Sakchan and Totchan left Love Village and pursued their relationship with each other off-screen.

Totchan also shared the Love Village experience in blogs. Let us move towards the next couple that is still together. Minane And Nakasan are also said to be together after the show. According to the show, they were separated. Later, they are said to develop a friendship that gets converted into a romantic relationship. They got married and had a pre-wedding shoot. Fans are also happy to see them together. People are curious to know more about the show’s other members.

Where Are Love Village’s Other Members?

Tabo: Tabo is co-owner of HiroNori Craft Rame Santa Clara. He is living in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan. Tabo has kept his fans well-updated on social media. Yukorin: She is a well-known model and yoga instructor. She is also a voice actor. Let us move to our next contestant who was Yukiemom. Yukiemom: She is talented in coffee. She is known for creating special aromatic and delicious coffee experiences. She has a mutual interest in Hollywood.

Hollywood: A stuntman known for his amazing acting and stunt work. Anchovy: He is a well-known chef. He owns Gavy Seta Gaya. It is a restaurant in Japan. This was all about Love Village couples who are still together. Stay tuned for more details.

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