Where Is Mike Witcher Going After Leaving WBIR? New Job and Salary [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Mike Witcher

It is not easy to take the decision of leaving your job as it comes with a lot of fear. There are many questions that pop up in our heads that make us think about it, the first thing that usually scares that what if we don’t get a good job and how we will manage things without having money. But if you have enough experience and skills then it is not that tough to get the job so just believe in your skills and take risks. There are several people who take this risk and change their faith with their hard work and destiny. That is why most of the time we heard the news of famous TV personalities changing their shows and trying to adopt new challenges and in this regard, we came here to find out where Mike Witcher going after leaving WBIR.

Mike Witcher

Where Is Mike Witcher Going After Leaving WBIR?

Don’t worry you will get all the details of it here so don’t skip any paragraph if you don’t want to lose any valuable information. Mike Witcher is a famous American meteorologist who is popular for working at WBIR-TV. He has increased broad experience by serving in many stations. In further addition to this, Mike has served in this field for more than 10 years and nobody can compete with him. In the meantime, he began serving as a morning meteorologist for WBIR in the year 2005. He was in this position until the year 2014 when he get the opportunity to work at WeatherNation TV in Denver.

Because of his amazing work, he has also got more and more followers with each passing year. His fans really love to watch his show and that is why they heard the news of his resignation from the current station they instantly get upset and start looking to know where they can be able to watch his work again. Yes, the news is true and he is leaving WBIR and ready to start a new adventure, however, at this moment it is not known where he is going to work. We are waiting for the official announcement from his side and as soon as we get it we will share it here first or maybe draft a separate article on it.

The official announcement of Mike from his current station or position has already been made which obviously made the viewers of his show sad but they are wishing him a good blog for a new adventure. The last day of Mike will be at the station is on Friday, 5th May 2023. The details of the new job are not known at the moment. However, he is not planning to leave East Tennessee.

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