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People are curious to know about Love Island Season 4. What will happen next in this season? Where are they? What is happening next in this season? You will get complete details about Love Island Season 4 in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Love Island Australia Season 4

Where are Love Island Australia Season 4 contestants now?

Love Island Season 4 premiered on 31st October 2022 and ended in the same year on 20th December 2022. Sophie Monk and Stephen Mullan were the hosts of the show. The concept of the show is simple. It has few men and women in the show. They are supposed to be single. The show is to be shot in Villa in Mallorca, Spain. Whoever will win will have a cash price of $ 50,000. the singles get paired and form couples. Every week, a couple is eliminated.

Love Island Australia Season 4

The couple who gets the least number of votes will be out of the show. This season contained a lot of new twists and turns that people liked a lot. There were many challenges that created fan-favorite challenges which include Hideaway and Recoupling. The couple who win was Austen Bugeja and Claudia Bonifazio. They will have a trip to Fiji and their reward. Let us have more details about the couples of Love Island Season 4.

Love Island Australia Season 4

Who Are All Included In Love Island Season 4?

Love Island Australia has witnessed the following couples.

Austen Bugeja And Claudia Bonifazio:

Austen Bugeja and Claudia Bonifazio are a couple who won Season 4 of Love Island Australia. They are still said to be together after the show ends. They are currently living in Adelaide. They might shift to Sydney in the year 2023. They keep posting pictures on Instagram together.

Callum Hole And Adeline Wilcox:

Callum Hole and Adeline Wilcox were a couple in Love Island Australia Season 4. However, they were not able to stay together after the show ended. They both are in their separate new relationship. Callum is with Chloe Szepanowski while Madeline is with Damian Garner.

Tina Provis And Maddy Gillbanks:

They are both in Sydney and making their career together. Their relationship lasted a long time. They are still together. they are more of best friends.

Layla John And Vakoo Kauapirura:

Layla and Vakoo get a lot of love from the people in the show. As the show ended, sadly, they parted ways. She lives in Melbourne and works as a model.

Andre Coutinho And Holly Oakes Ferguson:

Andre Coutinho and Holly Oakes broke up after the show. Stay tuned for more details.

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