What Happened to Dsg Exalt? Why Did Exalt Leave Dsg? [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Games are not only listed in stadiums or playgrounds in fact with the help of technology people are playing games on phones. Because of that Esports has become a huge industry in recent years. There are many games to play but Valorant is one of the latest games to join the scene. The valiant team of Disguised Toast which is also known as DSG, was created in the year 2020 and fastly gained a significant following. Though in early 2022, one of the most prominent members of the team, Exalt declared his departure from the squad. Now people are keen to know the reason behind the departure of Exalt and what occurred to DSG after hearing about his exit.

Dsg Exalt

Why Did Exalt Leave Dsg?

Most of the fans of Valorant have been asking ever since the team of Disguised Toast declared that they were not playing with Exalt anymore and due to that, they had parted ways. The fans are quite upset as Exalt was one of the main players on this team and his leaving news are most unexpected one. The fans are quite sad with this news and for them, it is no less than a tragedy. As per the declaration made by the team of Disguised Toast, Exalt left the team because of “internal differences”.

However, what is the exact reason for these differences is yet not to come fore and it is clear that they were important enough to direct the leaving of Exalt. Some of the admirers have speculated that the recent struggle of the team in Balorant may have played any kind of role in the decision of Exalt to leave the team but this is only speculation and no such confirmed information has come for so without any official words it is tough to say what is the reason of his sudden departure. The leaving of Exalt from the team Disguised Toast was a blow to the hopes of the team of success in Valorant.

As we mentioned above, Exalt is one of the most important players on the team and his leaving has affected the team now it is necessary for the team to fill his position. The team of Disguised Toast fastly moved to sign the replacement of him and as per the reports, the team has brought in Riku as a temporary sub. There is no doubt that Riku is a brilliant player but it is yet to watch whether he can fill the place left by the leaving of Exalt. The leaving of Exalt is quite sad and people want to know where he is moving to after his departure. The information related to this is yet not known.

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