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Crispy Cones, one of the tastiest soft-serve ice cream companies caught the attention of the watchers after the founder and Chief Marketing Officer of the company gave their appearance in the popular show “Shark Tank”. Let us tell you that Crispy Cones is a soft-serve ice cream franchise-based Business. We would like to tell our readers that this is the purest and high-quality dessert which is very much liked by people in Europe countries. Most people love to have dessert whenever they get a chance to take a bit from the ice cream cones.

Crispy Cones Shark Tank

Crispy Cones Shark Tank

The street dessert is highly popular in Prague, the city of the Czech Republic. The ice cream company was started in 2018 by Jeremy Carlson, founder of Crispy Cones on the roadside of Rexburg. People love to visit and taste the flavor of their loved soft-serve ice cream. The first store was opened in Rexburg in February 2022. Well, it was the first European dessert business in Southeastern Idaho that was opened in 2018. Meantime, the success of Jeremy’s company reached its high as people love to visit his stores from different places to just have a taste of his ice cream.


After their quite success, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Jeremy Carlson and Kaityln Carlson decided to go to Shark Tank for their company from the national to international level. After appearing in the show, they asked sharks for $200,000 for 10% equity at a $2 million Valuation.

What Are Crispy Cones? Net Worth & More

Well, Jeremy Carlson is the CEO and founder of Crispy Cones Company. While Kaityln Carlson is a Chief Marketing Officer of the company. The company is basically a soft-serve ice cream startup. Fresh dough is rolled in wooden dowels and grilled rotisserie style. After this, the top part of the cones is wrapped with cinnamon sugar and oreo powder. Many more ingredients and flavors are added to the ice cream to make it more delicious. The company was founded in 2018.

The headquarter was established in Rexburg, Idaho, United States. According to recent updates, the company has an estimated worth is $1 million. The company has been running for the last six years and currently, Good Food Coffee & Bakery is the biggest competitor of Crispy Cones. Still, the company is being run by Jeremy and Kaitlyn together. They have a plan to expand their business in the US. Stay connected with us to know more details here.

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