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Was Jonathan Thomas Killed? Rumors are being spread about Jonathan Thomas’s Murder. People want to know the truth. You will get complete details about Jonathan Thomas in this article. Keep reading for more details. The child To Rage documentary made Jonathan Thomas famous. It is a documentary based on a girl who was abused by her parents. Beth’s story shows the effects of child abuse and neglect. She has now overcome many problems, but she said to go through a lot of mental issues in her childhood. Many people believe that she is a psychopath. Is it true? People want to know more about her childhood and past experiences and how she overcame those.

Beth Thomas's Brother

What Happened To Beth Thomas’s Brother? 

She is not a psychopath. She just had a bad past that made her go through child abuse and other problems. As she suffered a lot of these abuses, she started behaving strangely. Her adoptive parents also locked her up when she behaves like this. They also get stressed and ask others for help to make them normal. She took reactive attachment disorder treatment. Her adoptive parents were not aware of her problem. They came to know that she was going through Reactive Attachment Disorder. Both Beth and her brother faced abuse. She went through clinical psychology treatment by Dr. Ken Magid. The other one was by Connell Watkins for intensive therapy.  

Beth Thomas's Brother

She was told to ask for permission before doing anything. She started doing the same. Her adoptive parents were happy to see the changes. They already lost hope that they started to rebuild. She has recovered completely and become a nurse. These circumstances often made people go out of track in their life. She has made a lot of progress. 

Beth Thomas's Brother

Did Beth Thomas Kill His Brother? 

Beth did not kill his brother. She often tried killing her. She used to abuse him and tease him. She used to behave horribly. They were not believers in the treatment. She is now much better. When her brother was two years old, she hit his head and he was hospitalized. Child abuse often ruins the lives of many. It makes the child go off in the right direction. She and her brother were never given the proper food and care they needed by their biological parents. They both went through a hard time in their childhood. We wish her a better life ahead as she teased her brother because she was not mentally stable.

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