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Aunt Crabby

People throughout the world have different interests and choices. And some of them spend a lot of money on it and grab the attention of the people. Inking tattoo is one such hobby of many people and interestingly some people ink tattoos on their all-over body. One such model is in the news after she posted the video of her tattoo removal. This tattoo has caught the attention of people throughout the world and people want to know its meaning of it. Every tattoo depicts a particular meaning and represents a symbol or character and that is why whenever any star makes a tattoo people start looking to know about it.

Aunt Crabby

Who was Aunt Crabby, aka Aunt Sybil?

The tattoo of Blac is something similar and people are quite fascinated with it and want to know about it. Blac Chyna who is now known by the name Angela White has recently been on a self-healing voyage. She was baptized last year, and she dissolved her face fillers and remove her implants. But this time she is in the news due to her latest video which is gone viral on other platforms as well. On 26th March 2023, she uploaded a video talking about the removal of her Baphomet tattoo. She said that how she wanted to erase or remove anything โ€œdemonicโ€ and โ€œnegativeโ€ from her body.


In the year 2021, she got inked a Baphomet tattoo on her left hip. This tattoo is sought after by women and men alike for its symbolization. This figure is quite interesting and mysterious as well and it is the embodiment of the balance of opposites. This tattoo is highly and largely detailed, needing ample space to ink them in. As a cryptic creature with the head of a goat, the figure of Baphomet comprises of a combination of all the elements that create the universe. The creature of this tattoo unites the binaries and symbolizes the equilibrium that is brought fore by the existence of opposites.

These tattoos can be inked on both women and men. The baphomet tattoo has several complex details to incorporate and held the essence of the figure. The tattoo takes the bigger canvas because, for some reason, it is good to get this tattoo on the back and or on the arm. But now the question is that what made Blac Chyna remove this tattoo? Recently, the model has undertaken a religious voyage of self-healing. She even states how her Baphomet Tatto was not demonic to her when she carved it in the year 2021. Though now she does not want anything negative on her body because she is presently on her spiritual voyage.

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