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Reportedly, Transformation Church has become a topic of the town after a video of the church went viral on social media. According to the reports, Transformation Church’s video has been making noise on TikTok since it was uploaded. But why? In fact, the netizens have been divided after the video viral of Transformation Church. Meanwhile, a spirited debate has occurred on social media. Thus, we decided to prepare an article for our readers. In this column, we have explained this matter in detail and why Transformation Church’s video is buzzing so much. So be sticky with this page and keep reading this article. Drag down the page and read more details.

Transformation Church Easter

Transformation Church Easter

Transformation Church is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma-based church is at the center of a spirited debate on the internet following a video of the church going viral on TikTok. The video appeared to show what seemed a service that was somewhat livelier than the typical Easter Sunday church gathering. Reportedly, some Christians have been annoyed by the footage of the Transformation Church for indulging in what they believe to be an over-the-top distracting celebration of the lord. Although, some worshippers are also taking the side of Transformation Church. Scroll down the page and read more details.

In a TikTok video that was posted last week, a pastor at the church billed the celebrations as something you don’t want to miss. However, the video was not posted by the pastor himself. If someone likes his church sermons to remain low-key and stripped back, Transformation Church may not be the worshipping space for him. Transformation Church also has a Youtube Channel boasting two million subscribers, it is widely known for sharing Sunday services videos on the internet. However, the Transformation Church has not posted any footage of the Easter 2023 service. Scroll down the page and read more details.


an experience everyone shld partake in no matter the distance, i came from Houston 🙏🏼. Happy Resurection Day!! @transformationchurch #easter #resurectionsunday #hehasrisen #ransom #transformationchurch #tcnation

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🚨TRANFORMATION CHURCH EASTER IS HERE!!!🚨 And it’s our FIRST Easter back in our building 🤯#TGBTG . Join us for our Easter Production “RANSOM” as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior‼️ . 🔔 April 8th | 6PM CT *In-Person Only* 📍10441 S Regal Blvd Tulsa, OK 74133 AND 🔔April 9th | 11AM CT & 6PM CT *In-Person & Online at 11AM* Who you bring with you?? Let me know👇🏾 #fyp#foryoupage #christiantiktok #RANSOM #EasteratTC #KINGDOM👑 #REPRESENT

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Religion is a personal matter. Thus, Transformation Church does something out of the ordinary every time, it divides opinions on the internet. The general criticisms of the 2023 Easter performance revolve around the idea that mega-churches like theirs are untraditional, and don’t promote the right message. A person said if you attend Mike Todd’s Transformation church, I am telling you this out of love for your soul: It’s time to find another church. Mike Todd and his posse will NOT lead you closer to the Lord. Find a scripture-believing church that focuses on discipleship and the gospel. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Recently the news of the modern service is going viral over the internet. Pastor Mike Todd has received a lot of heat on social media after his opulent Easter 2023 “Ransom” service. Although the entire event was not shared on social media, parts of it did make their way online, revealing that the church attendance was not what one would anticipate. The online event featured performances by Kesha and Beyoncé, stage lights evocative of a Hollywood awards presentation, and even dances similar to Sam Smith’s iconic Unholy song.

Natalie and Mike Todd have been the pastors of Tulsa’s Transformation Church since February 2015. Last year, he made news for spitting on a churchgoer during a sermon. Because of its modern ideals and style of prayer, the chapel has gained a lot of attention online. This year, those elements of Transformation Church’s Easter service (named Ransom) may be seen while witnessing spectacular performances and elaborate dance routines. The words of Beyoncé’s song Diva were substantially modified during one of their performances. “The dragon was an angel turned into a Hustla,” according to the revised lyrics. A Ransom performer sang in the style of Beyoncé’s hit song Formation, “Okay demons now let’s get in formation.”

In another portion of the Ransom Easter event, a performer was spotted donning the internet’s favorite MSCHF Big Red Boots and singing, “I been getting to the money, everybody mad” Three actors were spotted discussing their derriere in a comedy, with one adding, “Your little booty matter too, friend.” Dancers performed Kesha’s song Die Young during the church ceremony. The acts that went viral on Twitter and TikTok shook the internet to its core. Many people were surprised that a church could organize such a spectacular and sophisticated event. Several others called it “blasphemous.” There are some responses to the service which say that they are showing such a lack of respect for god.

At the time of writing, the complete service had not been released to YouTube, as many Transformation Church followers had expected. Mike Todd, on the other hand, took to his official social media account to declare that they would only be streaming it live for one session before erasing the video online. According to YouTuber Nick Jones, the church was not sharing the footage online due to probable copyright difficulties. He did, however, speculate that the church may have anything to hide from the public.

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