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People are searching for Menendez Brothers Crime Scene Photos. The two brothers brutally killed their parents at the Beverly Hills House in 1989.

Joseph Menendez and Erik Menendez, two brothers hailing from the United States, gained disgrace in 1996 when they were found guilty of the murders of their parents, José and Mary Louise “Kitty” Menéndez.

The tragic events spread on August 20th, 1989, when José and Kitty were ruthlessly gunned down in their opulent Beverly Hills residence by their children.

The Menéndez brothers later present a shocking defense. They claim they had to kill their parents because they feared they would kill them first.

Even though it’s been more than 30 years since the Menéndez killings first caught the public’s attention, the case has continued to be discussed in the news and make headlines.

The Menendez Brothers Crime Scene Photos

On the evening of Sunday, August 20, 1989, an incident unfolded within the mansion located at 722 Elm Drive in the affluent neighborhood of Beverly Hills.

Both José and Kitty were there, and they were standing in the living room of their Beverly Hills estate.

Their sons, Lyle, aged 21, and Erik, aged 18 at that time, entered the House with shotguns in their hands.

Six shots were fired at José, including the fatal shot fired from a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun into the back of José’s head.

Menendez Brothers Crime Scene PhotosMenendez Brothers Crime Scene Photos: Pictures from the crime scene (Source: murderpedia)

Kitty took a total of ten bullets to the body. She had been lying on the floor, softly crawling and sobbing, when the deadly shot was fired into his mother’s cheek.

After that, Lyle returned to his vehicle to reload his weapon and fired the deadly gunshot at her face.

Both brothers stayed inside the home for some time following the shootings as they waited for the arrival of law enforcement in response to the sound of gunfire.

Upon the arrival of the Police, the brothers explained, claiming that the murders took place during their absence as they were watching a Batman movie at a local theater and attending the “Taste of L.A.” festival at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

Menendez BrothersMenendez Brothers killed their own parents on their Beverly Hills House (Source: Murderpedia)

Surprisingly, the Police did not request gunshot residue tests from the brothers, which could have determined if they had recently fired a gun.

Interestingly, the crime scene photos revealed an important detail that gave more information about what happened that terrible night.

The picture showed a wound on José Menendez’s leg, proving he was standing when the fatal shot was fired. In the case of Kitty Menendez, an apparent wound on her arm showed that she had been standing and moving before the deadly gunshot.

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Menendez Brothers New Evidence And Autopsy Details

In a surprising turn of events, the Menendez brothers, who have been serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for the cruel murder of their parents in 1989, are now seeking a new trial.

Recent court documents obtained by Court TV reveal that the attorneys representing the Menendez brothers are pushing for overturning their convictions and life sentences, mentioning compelling new evidence.

During their original trial, the brothers admitted to carrying out the shooting. Still, they claimed it was a desperate response to years of enduring sexual and physical abuse by their parents.

Menendez BrothersMenendez Brothers with their parents (Source: history daily)

The newly filed habeas petition, submitted on May 3, brings to light a letter Erik Menendez wrote eight months before the fateful murders.

In this letter, Erik expresses his attempts to avoid his Father due to the escalating abuse he suffered.

He shares his fears and describes his Father as mentally unstable, issuing warnings against disclosing the family’s dark secrets.

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