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Stunna Girl followers wonder if their favorite lady rapper has done her name reveal on TikTok. The famous TikToker has been in serval controversies recently, from beating up a girl to being kept in custody. So, the online community wanted to know about Stunna Girl Real Name And Age. 

American rapper and songwriter Stunna Girl is from Sacramento, California. The viral TikTok star became a social media personality and internet influencer via her talents.

Stunna Girl acknowledged music at home as her dad taught her how to record at his makeshift home studio. She hummed and sang many songs. She developed a music passion as an 8-year-old kid and decided to become a professional rapper.

Young Stunna, at 12, began rapping and pushing her limits to perfect her vocal tone and vocabulary.

The lady rapper from TikTok officially began her career in 2018. She released her debut music video for Real Rap on YouTube. 

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Stunna Girl Real Name And Age – Face Reveal 

Viral TikTok star Stunna Girl was born on 2 July 1998. She is 26 years old as of 2024. 

Her real name is Suzanne Sade Brown. The well-known and controversial lady rapper received global and nationwide recognition for having a charming demeanor and great musical taste. 

Stunna Girl Real Name And AgeSuzanne Sade Brown, 24, is a female rapper, and her stage name is Stunna Girl. (Source: Sound Cloud)

In March 2019, Stunna Girl released her debut mixtape as the lady rapper hit her stride and became familiar with the music business. Her debut tape, You Know What the Fuck Goin’ On, became one of her most significant hits. 

Stunna Girl’s most successful mixtape to date is Runway.

The American rapper took her time to learn and produce the best music. Her lyrics give her fans a glimpse at every aspect of her life. Subsequently, Stunna Girl, aka Suzanne Sade Brown, achieved a significant height of stardom.

Stunna Girl’s intuition is bang on as her songs quickly gained popularity and went viral on TikTok.

She and her younger sister discovered that her single Runway had become a sensational anthem for TikTokers flaunting their moves. In addition, listeners worldwide enjoyed her songs.

Viral TikTok music star Stunna Girl has crossed over 100K listeners on Spotify, and her songs, including Rotation, Runway, On the Record, Back In The Day, and Bo$$ S**t, became the most popular.

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Stunna Girl Wikipedia Bio

Viral American female rapper Stunna Girl, aka Suzanne Sade Brown, initially left her mark as a social media influencer. She represented hip-hop culture and became viral on social media like Tiktok and Instgram as a hip-hop celebrity. 

Stunna Girl has gained global recognition via her two hit tracks, On the Record and Real Rap. She uploaded both music videos on her YouTube channel. Stunna Girl’s popularity as an online social media influencer is impressive.

However, Stunna Girl’s success as a rapper is that counts, as the star has elevated her status, reaching new heights.

Stunna Girl Wikipedia BioStunna Girl became a viral social media star via her rap music. (Source: Daily Motion)

Stunna Girl was born and raised in Sacramento. Her birthplace is not just a mark but a significant symbol and a part of her identity. The music star takes pride in being a female rapper hailing from Sacramento.

However, she has had several experiences, both nice and horrible, growing up in the city. Stunna Girl’s unique background has undoubtedly influenced her music taste and helped shape her into the artist she is now.

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