Stunna Girl Mugshot – Who Did She Kidnap? Dog Cage Case [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Stunna had kidnapped another female rapper with the help of 10 -15 other men. They snatched her and put her in a cage. Let’s learn more about the Stunna Girl mugshot case and update.

Stunna is from Sacramento and is a rapper, but most of the time, she is seen on viral TikTok videos. The videos she has been involved in are for her songs and cases she has been involved in.

Suzanne is the actuarial name of Stunna Girl, who is 24 years old as of 2024. Apart from being a rapper and TikToker, she is also known for her media influence.

Recently she has been highlighted for the dog cage kidnapping case; let’s learn more about the case and what happened.

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Stunna Girl Mugshot – Who Did She Kidnap?

There are rumors that Stunna Girl kidnapped Rocky Badd, a rapper like her. Rumors suggest that Stunna girl worked with a Cuban doll in the kidnapping.

Rapper from Detroit, Badd was born on 16 May 1994 in Detroit, where she grew up and pursued her career.

Rocky Badd is a singer from Detroit famous for some of her hit songs. She has gained most of her popularity from her hits such as ‘Gone,’ and ‘What You Want.’

Rocky Badd And Stunna Girl MugshotStunna Girl and Cubba Doll together kidnapped and kept Rocky inside the dog cage. (Source: Instagram)

According to FamousBirthday, her real name is September Briyonna-Michelle. She is not the only child of her parent. Rocky has three sisters and three brothers.

In 2016, the rapper started to release music on SoundCloud when she was not popular and was just started her career as a musician.

In January 2018, there was a 20-minute video about a battle between Cuban Doll and Rocky, in which Rocky was declared the winner.

After the video’s release, the two rappers started dropping diss trach about each other. Maybe her kidnapping was because of the 20-minute-long video and diss tracks.

Dog Cage Kidnapping Case Detail

Despite some rumors stating Cuban was the mastermind behind all this incident, people still speculate Stunna was behind all this.

The kidnapping was set up by inviting Rocky Badd to a fake event. The Instagram post said they walked Badd into an alley and kidnapped her there. They whipped a pistol and beat her.

Along with kidnapping, she was also robbed. Her chains were taken, which was done by Cuban associates in Cali.

Badd’s manager Lando Bando said she was also severely attacked, which inflicted some wounds and injuries.

The worst part of this case was after kidnapping and beating her. She was put into a dog cage where Badd’s pictures were taken and shared on an Instagram account named ‘The Shade Room Teen.’

Despite all these incidents, Rocky is still strong and pursuing her career as a rapper.

The Detroit rapper getting kidnapped was also tortured and put into a dog cage by some Cuban Doll associates. After the incident, rapper Cuban was released from the Capital Music Group after the news got out.

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