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Stephanie Copus Campbell

Stephanie Copus is a gender equality ambassador of Australia. Her video is going on trend in which she can be seen speaking on gender equality. 

She is seen sharing her own story to teach people about gender equality. People are eager to know more about her. You will get complete information about her in this article. Keep reading for more details. 

Stephanie Copus Campbell

Stephanie Copus Campbell Viral Clip: 

Stephanie Copus works as a gender equality ambassador in Australia. She can be seen standing for the right of women. She speaks on the topics and the issues that women face in Australia.  

She has received a lot of appreciation from her supporters. It is a topic that many avoid speaking about. She is the one who has the courage to stand up for her rights.  

She shares an incident where she faced abuse. Let us discuss below the incident. 

Stephanie Copus Campbell Abused for Her Work: 

She faced abuse even after working for a social cause. ABC Radio National interviewed her. She said that she was facing a lot of issues while working on the cause. 

She was also getting threats and hate messages after she started spreading awareness on the internet. She is still working for the cause even after the hatred. 

She is dedicated to her work. She does not hesitate to speak on the topic because she knows that he is working on the right thing.

Stephanie Getting Hate on the Social Media:

Though social media platforms are created for the expression of your thoughts, many use them for spreading hate. The cause needs to be supported by the government, Organizations, and other officials. 

People have different reactions to the viral video. Many people are in favor. They are supporting the cause. while others are against her. They believe that her points are not valid. 


She has been working to provide women equal rights in every aspect of her life. She is the gender equality ambassador of Australia.  

If you want to support her, you can do one thing. You can speak on these topics too. If you also face any discrimination, you can take a stand for yourself or you can support others facing it. 

The video has reached millions of views on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms. She says that she will keep working on her mission.  

It is an important thing in her life. This was all about the viral video of Stephanie on the internet. We keep bringing such updates for you. Stay tuned for more details. 

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