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A lingering question is prevailing in everyone’s minds after the season finale of Dr. Romantic season 3 has Dr. Romantic been renewed for season 4? It is a show that has gained immense popularity since its first season. Over the years, Dr. Romantic has been relentlessly garnering viewership and fans. Recently, the viewers witnessed the finale episode of season 3. Since the last episode of season 3 of Dr. Romantic premiered, the fans have been only asking one question “Has Dr. Romantic renewed for next season?” As lots of people have been taking over the internet and asking the aforementioned question, we have done the research and reached out to our close sources to collect information from insiders. You are asked to stick with this page and must go through the article till the. In the following sections, we have also discussed the plot of the show. Swipe down the page.

Dr. Romantic 4

Has Dr. Romantic been renewed for Season 4?

Actor Han Suk-kyu is in the lead role. He is essaying the character of the romantic doctor and teacher Kim Sa-bu who works with a group of young doctors. He teaches the naive doctors how to treat patients so they can prioritize their lives. It is a Korean drama that has released 52 episodes so far which makes it one of the longest-running dramas in the country. This medical K-drama has been witnessing a steady growth in ratings and viewership. The well-decorated cast of the show should also be credited for its success. Continue reading this article for more details.

Dr. Romantic 4

If you watch Dr Romantic regularly you must be thinking if Dr Romantic has been renewed for the next season or not. In fact, since the third season of this medical K-drama was started everyone was speculating if the fourth season of the show is on the way or not. Will there be season 4 of Dr. Romantic? Take a look below and find the answer.

Dr. Romantic 4

As of yet, no official statement has been made by SBS and Disney+ regarding the next season of the show. That means Dr Romantic has not been renewed for the next season but it can be changed anytime as streaming platforms and networks gauge various aspects before renewing a show such as how many people will watch it and what is the drop rate of the show. Additionally, no statement regarding the cancellation of the show also has been made. It is a wait-and-watch situation for the fans at this time.

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