Murder at Blackthorne Manor: Complete Cast list details [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

LMN’s new thriller movie, Murder at Blackthorne Manor, is all set to release on April 6, 2023. Read the entire piece of information to know more. The film tells the story of a girl who loved creating murder mystery parties at Blackthorne Manor. However, one sudden day, things took a shocking turn when the owner of the manor is found dead. She then sets out to find the criminal. The star cast of the film is Christie Leverette as the lead, along with many others playing important supporting roles. It is helmed by David Benullo and is written by Suzanne Egan and Daniel West. Here’s the list of the cast and others that you must know:

Murder at Blackthorne Manor

Murder at Blackthorne Manor Cast and characters

1. Christie Leverette

Christie Leverette is expected to play the lead role of Hayley in LMN’s Murder at Blackthorne Manor. She loves creating murder mystery parties at the Blackthorne Manor but one day, things go wrong when the owner of the titular manor ends up dead and she has to launch an investigation. In the trailer, she is seen dominating with her screen presence and promises a deliver a memorable performance in the film. Apart from this movie, she is known for her performances in Sistas, A Deadly Mistake, and The Secret Life of Amy Bensen, to name a few.

2. Bobby Slaski as Jackson

Actor Bobby Slaski will be seen playing the role of Jackson in the new lifetime thriller film. Based on the trailer, he plays the role of protagonist Hayley co-worker with whom she tries to find the manor owner’s killer. Slaski looks impressive in the trailer, and viewers can expect him to deliver an impressive performance in the film. Bobby Slaski’s other notable film and TV acting credits include We’re Not Safe Here, Terror, and Station to Station, among many more.

3. Veronica Martell as Diana Montgomery

Actor Veronica Martell dons the character of Diana Montgomery Murder at Blackthorne Manor. There are not many details pertaining to her character are known at this point, but she is expected to play an important role in the movie. Veronica Martell has previously appeared in Baywatch and is also a well-known singer who has released several albums like Big City Swing and The Art of Intimacy.

Apart from the other actor, the movie also stars numerous others portraying important supporting roles which are James A. Pierce III as Charles Benedict, Shahjehan Khan as Gordon Ramshaw, Trevor Lyons as Roy, and Mike Mitchell Jr. as Reggie and James Legris as Dwayne.

You can watch the latest episode of Murder at Blackthorne Manor on LMN on April 6, 2023, at 8 pm ET. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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