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Is Manu Rios Gay or Straight? is an emerging question raised online. Spanish film followers charmed with his good looks are eager to learn about Rios’s Sexuality. Let’s find out if the rumors regarding the Spanish social media star’s preference are true.

People with good looks and charm, with a reach in social media, are not a new thing today. But, only a few of them use both benefits in the long run, like Manu Rios.

Talented Spanish Actor Rios made a name for himself working as a model and entertainment industry.

Famous social media personality Manu Rios Fernandez, shortly Manu Rios, loves to flaunt his skill and looks. He does everything, be it an Actor, singer, or whatnot.

All boast a lot about his charming look, but there is more to learn about his personal life grounds. Let’s look at the prevalent rumors that he might be gay.

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Is Manu Rios Gay? Sexuality And Partner Revealed

Handsome and talented Spanish Actor Manu Rios received fame for his appearance, let alone his charming looks. 

Despite being a famous star in the Spanish entertainment sector, Rios has made no official public statements regarding his orientation.

Generally, fans seek Manu Rios’s sexuality as the Spanish social media star has become somewhat of an icon for queer people.

No verification of Rios being otherwise is reported, so the Spanish talent’s confidentiality should be respected.

The handsome man’s orientation sexuality is debated, as Rios seems a bit more bisexual than gay, as reported by most online portals. He is tolerant of any orientation. 

In some interviews, Rios revealed that he sometimes wears lipstick to make his lips appear pink. Perhaps, this path could have misconstrued his orientation and directed toward him being gay.

Manu Rios Gay and sexualityManu Rios is not Gay. (Source: Yahoo Finance)

Handsome Hunk Rios barely mentions his dating life publicly. Many young female fans might see his dating life as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as Rios is unmarried. However, a few online sources suggest that he is dating Martina Cariddi.

Rios’s perfect height, deep-set eyes, blushy cheeks, and cheerful smile melt every girl’s heart. 

No doubt, there might be a lot of single hearts beating for the man. But, the news is that his heart beats for only a single woman. At times, fake rumors float around that he is gay.

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Manu Rios Age

Handsome Spanish star Manu Rios was born to Manoli and Julian on 17 December 1998. He is 25 years old as of 2024.

Things happened for the pretty guy too quickly and well. Rios participated in the national show Tu si Queue Vales as a teen. The Spanish show highlighted the individual’s dancing talent. 

He reached the semi-finals, and that boosted his colossal fame. Seeing his fame and skills, the show associates awarded Rios with another role in the musical show Cantame Como Paso.

Besides dance and music, Rios also provides interactive content to his fans, where he hosts QNA sections with the most demanding questions. He also revealed his first kiss story in the query video.

Manu Rios ageManu Rios has achieved a lot for his age. (Source: Cosmopolitan

Now and then, the handsome hunk engages his fans with his amazing work and talents. He appeared in a TV project and received a theatre role in Les Miserables. The play aired in Madrid.

To pile up his achievements, in 2012, Rios joined the band Parchis. The band associates provided him with a TV project, Don Pepito. 

To receive international fame, Rios joined the common platform Youtube in 2012. Mostly, he posted cover videos of famous songs on his channel that dragged in lots of views undoubtedly.

After achieving everything possible, the multi-talented handsome hunk overlooks modeling. His perfect height and seductive looks found the right place as he graced the fashion magazines, including MMSCENE, Girlfriend, Mood, and Vanity Teen.

This might be unsurprising as Rios has achieved a lot for his age. Perhaps, Spanish national Rios’s ultimate goal could be landing in Hollywood. 

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