Man Arrested After Armed in ‘Scream’ Mask [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Crime Scene

A heist occurred at a renowned shopping mall, Peabody’s Northshore Mall, leaving residents and the public in dread and horror. Many people have been left scared and in a state of shock as a result of the tragedy. The mall is a popular location for families and consumers, and the fact that such a brazen crime occurred has prompted worries about public place safety and security. The mall’s management and security personnel acted quickly, and the police were promptly alerted. Meanwhile, the mall’s administration has informed the public that they are taking all necessary precautions to prevent similar events in the future.

Crime Scene

Northshore Mall Robbery

The suspected robber, identified as Starlin Batista, 27, of Peabody, was spotted soon after by an officer near an access road to the mall, who chased after the man as he fled, police said. A man dressed in a ‘Scream’ mask robbed a jewelry store at a Massachusetts mall before being arrested Monday, police said. According to Peabody police, the guy was tracked down Route 128 from the Northshore Mall in Peabody by an officer, who discovered a black BB pistol and stolen jewelry and watches on him. According to authorities, the incident began at 1 p.m. when the guy entered a Kay’s Jewellers in the mall. According to police, the man, who was wearing the trademark mask and black attire, signaled that he had a pistol and had a letter in his backpack that said, “Put everything in the bag.” Before I shoot, I’ll give you two minutes. “Don’t make any noise.”

According to police, he was apprehended at Northshore Road, across the highway from the mall. Batista is scheduled to appear in Peabody District Court on Tuesday morning to face charges of armed, masked robbery and assault and battery with a deadly weapon, according to police. It was unclear whether he had a counsel who could comment on his arrest. The mall was briefly locked down earlier in the day, according to police. However, a mall official stated Monday night that this did not occur.

The mall said in a statement, “Thanks to the quick actions of our security team and Peabody Police, the robbery suspect was quickly apprehended and placed into police custody without incident.” “While this was an isolated incident with no lockdown order or requirement, a few stores chose to close their doors.” Peabody Police have determined that there is no ongoing danger, and mall activities will resume as usual.”

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