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According to the Mallory Beach autopsy report, she died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head from the accident.

Mallory Beach was killed in a deadly boat collision in February 2019 after her friend, Paul Murdaugh, reportedly crashed his family’s boat while drinking. Following Paul’s murder in 2021, police began to focus their attention on the Murdaugh family.

Mallory Beach was 19 years old when she died in a catastrophic boating accident in 2019. In Beaufort, South Carolina, she had graduated from Wade Hampton High School and worked at a clothes business. Her family claims she aspired to мультитул купить be an interior designer.

Mallory Beach Autopsy Report – How Did She Die? 

According to the autopsy report from Mallory Beach, she died as a consequence of blunt force injuries to the head from the accident. 

Her corpse was missing for almost a week after the tragedy on February 24, 2019. So what exactly transpired that night? Friends Paul Murdaugh (Alex’s now-murdered son), Mallory, Morgan Doughty, Miley Altman, and Connor Cook, as well as Mallory’s boyfriend Anthony Cook, were drinking alcohol aboard Paul’s family’s boat around the age of 19.

Mallory’s corpse was discovered by volunteers about five miles downstream from the accident site after an eight-day search including rescue boats, divers, тактичні рукавиці купити and a helicopter. The coroner determined that she died as a result of blunt force injuries to the head and drowning.

Mallory Beach autopsy Mallory Beach Case Recreated (Source: VentureJolt)

Mallory’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Murdaughs in March 2019, stating that Paul’s mother Maggie (now deceased) knew her son was intoxicated when the group went boating and noting that Buster, Paul’s elder brother, had given his ID so the adolescents could purchase alcohol.

The 19-year-inexplicable old’s murder marked the start of the Murdaugh legal dynasty’s downfall. Randolph Murdaugh III, Alex’s father and Paul’s grandpa, was the chief prosecutor in South Carolina’s Lowcountry until 2005.

The three-part Netflix documentary begins with the car accident that killed Mallory and progresses to reveal the terrible occurrences that surround фонарик купить the Murdaugh family. It resulted in the double homicide of Alex’s wife, Maggie, and his son Paul, for which Alex was charged and maintains his innocence.

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Who Was Mallory Beach Boyfriend?

Anthony Cook was the boyfriend of Mallory at the time of her death. 

They went to an oyster roast with Anthony’s cousin, Connor Cook, and his girlfriend Miley Altman on February 23, 2019. Paul Murdaugh and his then-girlfriend Morgan Doughty joined them as well.

They boarded the ship in the early hours of February 24 to return home. Unfortunately, not all of them would survive.

“He was out of his mind intoxicated,” Anthony said of Paul Murdaugh in the documentary. But, despite his buddies’ pleas, the latter тактическая рубашка adolescent remained adamant about driving.

Mallory Beach BoyfriendMallory Beach Boyfriend Anthony Cook. (Source: Distractify)

“I heard a scream and then I was out,” Anthony recounted of the collision. He claimed that when he awoke, he discovered Mallory was missing and continued to dive in and out of the water in search of her but it was too late for that.

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Mallory Beach Family Details

Mallory grew raised with her mother in Hampton, South Carolina. There, she was close to her family and friends. When she was young, her parents divorced.

Her family struggled to cope with her death and the subsequent court fights. Renee Beach, her mother, told ABC News that “the anguish is still there every day,” and that she hopes the payment would help offer some closure.

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