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Whenever any shows get hit it is obvious for the makers to bring the new seasons of it. Sometimes it inspires the other country to have their own version of it and that is why Bigg Brother is popular all over the world and telecasting in different versions and languages. Not only Bigg Brother but there are other shows which are currently entertaining the audience in different languages and in different versions. Now one such reality show is the talk of the town and made the fans of the UK under their influence it was the 1st season of the show which makes it more interesting for his fans.

Love Island UK Season 1 Where Are They Now

Love Island UK Season 1 Where Are They Now?

All those who are thinking about “Love Island UK” are completely right as today we are talking about the 1st season of the show along with the other details of it. It is not the latest released show as it was telecasted in the year 2015 on ITV2. The host of this show was Caroline Flack. As well know that this show follows a group of young, single participants who were looking to get love as well as the chance to bag a cash prize. All over this series, the participants live in a luxury villa located in Majorca, Spain, and became a couple in order to play this game.

Love Island UK Season 1 Cast

Serial No


Home Town


1. Jess Hayes Oxford Winner
2. Max Morley Huddersfield Winner
3. Hannah Elizabeth Liverpool Runner-up
4. Jon Clark Essex Runner-up
5. Josh Ritchie Bolton Third place
6. Lauren Richardson East London Third place
7. Cally Jane Beech Hull Fourth place
8. Luis Morrison London Fourth place
9. Jordan Ring Gloucester Dumped
10. Zoe Basia Brown South London Dumped
11. Ben Porter Wakefield Dumped
12. Poppy Farnan Chester Dumped
13. Naomi Ball East London Dumped
14. Travis Almond Essex Dumped
15. Omar Sultani Leamington Spa Dumped
16. Bethany Rogers Leeds Dumped
17. Daisy Muller Birmingham Dumped
18. Chris Williamson Newcastle Dumped
19. Chris Baxter London Dumped
20. Danielle Pyne London Dumped
21. Rachel Christie London Dumped
22. John Alberti Manchester Dumped
23. Tony Alberti Manchester Dumped

The ultimate goal of this game is to remain a couple and avoid being dumped on the Island. Apart from it, one of the most notable moments in the series was when Hannah and Jon became the first official couple or partner in crime on the show. The duo eventually became involved at the time of the finale of the series. Another memorable moment was when Mac Morley and Jess Hayes were declared the winners of the series and divided the £50,000 cash prize.

Cally Jane Beech

Cally Jane Beech

Jess Hayes Jess Hayes

Max Morley Max Morley

Hannah Elizabeth Hannah Elizabeth

Jon Clark Jon Clark

Jordan Ring Jordan Ring

Josh Ritchie Josh Ritchie

Luis Morrison Luis Morrison

Lauren Richardson Lauren Richardson

Apart from it, the entire 1st season was a hit and a huge success and paved the way for the show in order to become a cultural phenomenon in the United Kingdom and throughout the globe. The 1st season of the show was telecasted in the year 2015 and it was the start of the reality TV phenomenon that has swept the world. Love Island UK brought together a group of attractive singles and young in a luxurious villa in Mallorca, Spain with the goal of discovering love and triumphing the hearts of the watchers. The success of the show has seen the pawn a multitude of spin-offs and international versions, but what occurred to the original contestants from the 1st season?

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