Karely Ruiz Y Santa Fe Klan Viral Video Scandal Controversy [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Karely Ruiz Y Santa Fe Klan viral video has sparked a frenzy of curiosity as the community delves into the explosive controversy surrounding its shocking content and scandalous origins.

Santa De Klan is a Mexican musician who gained Twitter users’ attention through a viral video. The video shows him and his girlfriend, Karely Ruiz. 

The tape shows the couple’s disagreement and Santa Fe Klan being violent toward Ruiz. 

Social media users who saw the clip got upset and worried about what happened next. Netizens discussed how that pair needed to be more aware of domestic violence.

Despite Klan’s apology for his actions, the public outrage did not stop. 

Learn more about Karely Ruiz Y Santa Fe Klan viral video and why the clip is trending on Twitter. 

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Karely Ruiz Y Santa Fe Klan Viral Video Scandal: What Happened?

Famous Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan has been controversial lately for all the wrong reasons. Klan and his partner Karely Ruiz, an OnlyFans model, became viral on social media through a video released online.

The viral video stirred controversy due to its explicit content. 

The video was uploaded on OnlyFans but was removed as it violated the site’s regulations. 

However, the video ended up on other sites and caused a big argument. After the scandal, many users on Twitter shared their opinion about Santa Fe Klan and what happened. 

Karely Ruiz Y Santa Fe Klan Viral Video ScandalKarely Ruiz Y Santa Fe Klan Viral Video Scandal: The pair sparked controversy and debate. (Source: Instagram)

Internet folks criticized the rapper and his partner for their actions, but some supported the pair, saying it’s their personal affair and they can make their own choices. 

While others discussed if OnlyFans and similar sites are suitable for society because of a clip that caused disagreement. 

Many express their opinion that the websites treat women as objects and present them negatively. Even though some disagree, Karely Ruiz and Santa Fe Klan continue posting explicit content on their social media handles. 

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Karely Ruiz Y Santa Fe Klan Controversy Background

Santa Fe Klan is the stage name of the rapper, while his real name is Angel Jair Quezada Jasso. He was born and raised in Guanajuato, Mexico. 

The rapper rose to prominence in the Mexican hip-hop scene, releasing unique music styles that blend trap music with the traditional Mexican tune, “trapcorridos.”

Very few details are available regarding Santa Fe Klan’s family life. Reportedly, his parents were supportive of their son’s music career. 

He has a sister named, Ximena Y Farah. Klan has a considerable fan base in Mexico and Latin America, thanks to his relatable lyrics and music that touch on love, heartbreak, and growing-up struggles in improvised neighborhoods. 

A few of his released albums include Por la Calle del Diamante, Musical Para los Enamorados, and La Ultima Carta. 

Besides his solo work, Klan has collaborated with several established Latin American rappers, such as Dharius, C Tangana, and Aleman.

Also, the rapper has made headlines for his controversial affectionate public displays with his partner Karely Ruiz, including a kiss at the 2023 MacroFest. Similarly, the OnlyFans model and Klan’s release of a controversial video got banned on OnlyFans. 

Karely Ruiz Y Santa Fe Klan viral video controversyKarely Ruiz Y Santa Fe Klan viral video controversy: Ruiz is a digital media influencer. (Source: Instagram)

Karely Ruiz is a known figure on OnlyFans and Instagram. She is mainly involved in fitness. She hails from Monterrey, Mexico.

Ruiz posts attractive and seductive pictures on her social media handles. She is comfy sharing snaps showing her fit body shape. She is growing as a digital media influencer. 

Despite the controversy, Santa Fe Klan and Ruiz remain famous and influential in Mexican hip-hop and fashion. 

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