Karely Ruiz Con Babo Video Viral On Twitter: Scandal [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Karely Ruiz has excited her followers by revealing an upcoming collaboration with popular vocalist Babo from the group Cartel de Santa. Find out more about Karely Ruiz Con Babo viral video.

Her announcement of the joint project with the famous singer Babo has generated buzz across social media.

In particular, fans of both artists enthusiastically await this team-up between the influencer and Cartel de Santa frontman.

The news that Karely will be working on something creative with the renowned Babo has created eager anticipation, especially among their respective loyal supporters.

Many look forward to what these two talented figures have in store by joining forces for this collaboration.

The partnership has sparked intrigue and delight, given the reputations of both Karely Ruiz and Babo.

Their fanbases can’t wait to see what they accomplish together through this announced alliance.

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Karely Ruiz Con Babo Video Viral On Twitter

Recently, Karely Ruiz Con Babo video viral topic has been creating news headlines on several online portals. 

On her Instagram, popular Only Fans personality Karely Ruiz confirmed that talks are in progress with singer Babo to create an uncensored video together.

“I’m already working out details with him to put together something cool,” said Karely. “We’re discussing it, and yes, it’s going to happen; it’s a reality.”

Karely Ruiz Con Babo Video ViralLittle is known about Karely Ruiz Con Babo viral video (Source: Instagram)

She also shared that they intended to collaborate a while back, but she was in a relationship then, and her partner was uncomfortable with it.

“We had this plan in mind for a while, but I was with someone who wasn’t keen on it,” Karely explained. “But no, I’m not worried about that.”

So Karely has verified that she and Babo are planning an uncensored project.

Though a past relationship postponed it, she can now bring this long-discussed team-up to fruition without personal obstacles.

Karely Ruiz Scandal

The Santa Fe Klan has been surrounded by controversy for unfavorable causes.

Klan and his companion Karely Ruiz recognized as an Only Fans model, gained widespread attention on social media after a video they released online went viral.

The video in question sparked a heated debate due to its explicit nature.

Karely Ruiz Con Babo Video ViralKarely Ruiz and Santa Fe Klan (Source: Instagram)

While initially uploaded on Only Fans, the video was taken down due to a breach of the platform’s guidelines.

Nevertheless, the video found its way onto other websites, igniting a significant dispute.

Following the scandal, numerous Twitter users expressed their viewpoints concerning the Santa Fe Klan and the unfolding events.

Karely Ruiz Controversy Explained

The rapper is Santa Fe Klan, although his identity is Angel Jair Quezada Jasso. He hails from Guanajuato, Mexico, where he spent his formative years.

Limited information is accessible concerning the Santa Fe Klan’s familial background. Allegedly, his parents supported their son’s pursuit of a musical career.

Karely Ruiz is a recognizable presence on platforms like OnlyFans and Instagram, primarily focusing on the fitness niche.

Originating from Monterrey, Mexico, she shares appealing and alluring images across her social media accounts.

She is at ease posting snapshots that showcase her well-toned physique, contributing to her ascent as a digital media influencer.

Furthermore, the rapper gained attention due to his contentious public displays of affection with his partner, Karely Ruiz, such as a kiss at the 2023 MacroFest.

Similarly, the controversial video released by the Klan and the Only Fans model led to its removal from the Only Fans platform.

Despite the surrounding controversies, the Santa Fe Klan and Ruiz continue to maintain their prominence and influence within Mexican hip-hop and the fashion scene.

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