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People are curious to know about Jean Libbera Wikipedia. Jean was the Double bodied man from Italy and had a unique physical condition.

Jean Libbera was known as “The Double-Bodied Man” because of his unusual physical condition. He was the only child in his family with this appearance.

His twin brother, Jacques Libbera, was attached to him through the area between the chest and the stomach. This made them parasitic twins.

Jean embraced his abnormality and began working as a circus performer, showcasing his unique physique as an attraction in European and American circuses.

Throughout their careers in the circus, he and Jacques were constant traveling companions.

Jean Libbera Wikipedia Bio And Age details

Jean was born in 1884 in Rome, Italy as the fourth child in a family of 13 siblings. He passed away in Italy around 1936 when he was about 52 years old.

His identical twin brother, Jacques Libbera’s body is related to the area of his chest and stomach. He possessed fully functioning nervous and circulatory systems and a fundamental head buried in Jean’s body. 

Interestingly, Jean’s third sibling was also born with the same condition but did not survive.

Jean Libbera with his familyJean Libbera with his family went to Escanaba with Beckman and Gerety’s World best Shows (Source: Newspapers)

Jean and Jacques often dressed in white shirts, trousers, and tailcoats for their performances as circus performers.

The rest of his family and siblings were reportedly normal and healthy. Despite his unusual physical condition, he was married and had 4 children.

He was from the 80s, so there is limited information about his family and siblings. The information about his wife and children’s also not available online.

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Jean Libbera X-Ray Photos 

Jean was a unique individual who lived with his parasitic twin brother, Jaques, attached to his chest.

His physical appearance, with two bodies, four legs, four arms, and one head, was a testament to this condition.

An x-ray revealed the shocking truth that a small head, measuring only six inches in circumference, was embedded inside Jean’s body.

Jean-Jacques Libbera Jean-Jacques Libbera Source: Travalanche)

Despite their separate bodies, both twins shared a blood circulation and nervous system, making them inseparably connected.

When one body touches another, the sensation is instantly transferred to the other, and vice versa for weather and temperature changes.

Throughout his life, Jean was loaded with the presence of his brother, who was alive and capable of movement. Jaques was a parasitic twin, entirely dependent on Jean’s body for survival.

Jean Libbera Career 

Jean, a well-known double-bodied man, got retirement after performing in various sideshows to earn a living.

He has been part of famous circuses such as Barnum and Bailey and Dreamland Circus Sideshow. Through his performances, he could support his family of four children comfortably.

Jean LibberaJean Libbera on one of his sideshows (Source: Fandom)

Jean became famous for his unique physical condition, which involved having two bodies attached to the chest area.

He embraced his abnormality and used it to his advantage as a circus attraction, drawing in crowds of fascinated viewers.

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