Is YouTuber Emi Wong Going For A Divorce With Husband Chad? [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Emi Wong

Emi Wong is said to be going through a divorce. Is her divorce rumors true or not? You will get complete details about Emi Wong’s Divorce rumors in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Emi Wong

Is Emi Wong Going Through Divorce?

Emi Wong used to have a YouTube Channel with the name StayFitAndTravel. His early subscribers still remember her by her name. Emi Wong was a fitness enthusiast in 2017. She used to post fitness-related content on her channel.

She was also doing her job as social media manager along with her YouTube journey. She has been a hard-working woman who used to manage her fitness journey along with her full-day job. Emi Wong got popularity in the coming years.

Was Emi Wong Divorced With Her Husband?

Emi Wong is said to be in the headlines for her rumors about her divorce. Are her rumors about the divorce true or not? People are curious to know more. Emi Wong’s divorce rumors are false. She is married to her husband, Chad, and is living unitedly.

They had a love marriage. They both married in February 2020. They both were college students. Chad was a second-year student while Emi Wong was in her first year. They keep posting one another’s images on social media. She looks busy although. She has a lot to do personally and professionally. She is also in controversy for her fake divorce news.

They both were married after their relationship started at the University of Hong Kong. they both were students of Business Administration. They got married in 2020. Emi Wong is a YouTuber and a Vlogger. She has a channel name, Emi Wong. She also shares her personal life learnings and writing in her videos. She is 1990 born. She celebrated her birthday every year on 20th January. She lives in Toronto, Canada. She is Aquaris by birth. We don’t have many details about her family yet. She is a private person and prefers to keep her life private. People are also curious to know more about her net worth.

Net Worth Of Emi Wong:

Emi Wong has an estimated net worth of $100k to $1 million. Her YouTube earning is estimated to be 39.8k to 673.k USD of yearly earnings. She has a total of 6.3 million views. However, we don’t have many details about her exact earnings. She grew to Million subscribers in a year. She had a fast growth rate. She quit her job and now she is completely dedicated to her work in production.

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