Is Tydus Mum Arrested? Why Did Tydus’ Mum Get Arrested? [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Mother is a god figure in fact she is everything to her children. Children are always close to their mothers and she can’t even think to hurt them in fact she does all possible things to save them. It is quite rare to hear the news where a mother got detained and if ever such news came fore it makes everyone curious to find out the truth of it. That is why many of you are here to know why the mother of Tydus get apprehended and what she did which brought her into the news. These questions are currently in the search of the town and people want to know every single detail of this case and for that, they are searching many websites.

Tydus Mum Arrested

Is Tydus Mum Arrested?

Before direct jumping to any conclusion then it is necessary to get some details about her. The person who was arrested is not a common mother in fact she is the mother of a famous Youtube star and this is the reason why this news is at the top of everything. Those who are thinking about Youtube star Corey Struve-Talbott of “Trav and Cor” is absolutely right. She is popularly known for her role on their family Youtube channel. Her beloved son, Tydus also came into the eyes of the people after started his musical career. He put his first step in the music industry in the year 2019 and is popularly known as a “mini Jake Paul”.

However, Corey covered the headlines of the news at the start of this year for something not-so-family-friendly. The reports state that on Sunday, 15th January 2023, Corey Struve-Talbott had been detained. Now many are looking to know why she get apprehended close to Pebble Beach located in Calif. Her arrest news is confirmed by multiple verified news websites which increased the curiosity of the people towards this news. As per multiple reports, the arrest happened after deputies were called around 10:18 PM, the social media influencer was allegedly drinking at the bar close to the golf course in order to commemorate her birthday but reportedly became belligerent and was asked to come back to her room in the hotel on the property.

Tydus Mum Arrested

When Corey allegedly denied to return to her room, that is when she was got apprehended. She faced multiple charges that include “resisting arrest, public intoxication, pedestrian on the roadway, and battery on a peace officer.” As per the media outlet, when police officers tried to escort her to her room, she was not cooperative and tried to assault one of the officers. Though, she has another take on the encounter.

Tydus Mum Arrested

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