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People want to know about is Jayme Gohde arrested. The officer on duty arrested a 61 years old man for carrying a gun, but later, it was confirmed that it was a foldable walking stick in his pocket.

A Columbia County Sheriff’s Deputy, Jayme Gohde, was involved in an unfortunate incident that resulted in her and her supervisor being suspended.

Jayme and Sergeant Randy Harrison mistakenly believed James Hodges was carrying a gun when they saw the foldable walking stick in his pocket.

During the encounter, a heated exchange of words led to Hodges’ arrest for resisting an officer without violence. After reviewing the situation, Sheriff Mark Hunter of Columbia County concluded that the force used during the arrest was unnecessary.

As a result, Jayme and her supervisor were disciplined and temporarily suspended.

The incident emphasizes the importance of accountability and transparency in law enforcement. Agencies aim to maintain public trust and learn from incidents like these to enhance their practices.

Is Officer Jayme Gohde Arrested?

Officer Jayme Gohde was suspended from her job on November 2022 following the arrest of James Hodges, a legally blind man from Lake City.

The incident unfolded when a deputy noticed a silver object in Hodges’ pocket, mistakenly assuming it to be a gun. However, it turned out to be a folded walking cane belonging to Hodges.

The arrest and subsequent events sparked widespread attention after Hodges requested and obtained the arrest footage, which quickly circulated on social media.

Jayme Gohde ArrestedJayme Gohde Arrested: The officer was suspended (Source: Twitter)

Upon investigation, Sheriff Mark Hunter confirmed that the actions of Deputies Jayme and Randy Harrison had violated the sheriff’s office policies.

As a result, Harrison faced a seven-day suspension without pay and would be ineligible for any “favorable action” for the next two years. Gohde, on the other hand, received a two-day suspension without pay.

In addition to the suspensions, both deputies were required to undergo remedial training focused on civil rights issues. Sheriff Hunter highlighted the significance of protecting individual rights and preventing similar incidents in the future.

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Jayme Gohde Case Details


On October 31st, 2022, in the morning, Deputy Jayme stopped James Hodges in Lake City, a town west of Jacksonville. James had entered a crosswalk when the traffic-control device had signaled not to do so.

According to the arrest report, the morning was foggy and overcast, and drivers were using headlights. When Gohde stopped Hodges, she noticed he was carrying a “silver (chrome) pistol with a white grip in his back right pocket,” which she immediately reported to the authorities.

Sheriff Mark Hunter Jayme Gohde Arrested: Sheriff Mark Hunter discusses Deputy Jayme and Sgt. Randy Harrison’s suspensions after James Hodges’ Oct. 31 arrest. (Source: lake city reporter)

Upon questioning by deputies, Hodges claimed that he was legally blind and pulled out his folded cane to show them. Despite this, the situation quickly escalated as the deputy questioned Hodges and asked for his identification.

When Hodges refused to provide it, another deputy placed him in handcuffs, leading to his eventual arrest for resisting an officer. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office provided N.B.C. News with body camera footage of the incident.

After Hodges was arrested, it was determined that the implement in his pocket was a navigational aid. Unfortunately, Hodges had already been charged with resisting an officer despite any efforts to prevent it.

Jayme Gohde Biography explored

Following the suspension of officers Jayme Gohde and Randy Harrison, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office shared a video. In the video, Sheriff Mark Hunter openly admitted that the deputies had breached department policies.

In a Facebook video, Sheriff Hunter assumed full responsibility for the event and sincerely apologized to Mr. Hodges for his deputies’ actions. He stated that he did not believe the deputies had ill intentions but acted out of frustration and failed to rely on their training.

Despite this explanation, Sheriff Hunter emphasized that such behavior is unacceptable, and the department is committed to preventing similar incidents from occurring in the future through rigorous training and hard work.

Moreover, Sheriff Hunter confirmed that the two deputies would undergo training following their suspensions, as they had violated department policies. Notably, the charges against Mr. Hodges were dropped.

In response to the incident, Mr. Hodges has lodged a formal complaint and expressed his intention to file a lawsuit against the sheriff’s office.

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