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We are going to discuss Kaia Gerber in this post. There is a rumor about her on the internet. She reportedly got engaged, according to the rumor. This rumor is going around on all social media sites. She is presently the most trending person online as a result of this rumor. People are quite curious about her and want to know if she is indeed engaged. If she is engaged, who is her fiance? If not, is she still single? So here, we’ll reveal the truth about this myth. We’ll let you know if she’s indeed engaged or not. Read this article through to the end. Come on, let’s get started on this piece.

Kaia Gerber Engaged

Is Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler engaged?

Kaia Gerber, an American model and actress, was born on September 3, 2001. She is the child of businessman Rande Gerber and supermodel Cindy Crawford. Kaia rose to fame in the fashion world at a young age and has since grown to be one of its most in-demand models. At the age of 16, Kaia Gerber made her runway debut in 2017, walking for companies including Calvin Klein, Versace, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs. She has starred in a number of well-known fashion campaigns and adorned the pages of esteemed publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

Is Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler engaged

Kaia Gerber has pursued acting as well as a successful modeling career. She made her acting debut in the 2016 television drama “Sister Cities” and subsequently had an appearance in the 2018 horror movie “American Horror Story: Apocalypse.” As a rising celebrity in the fashion business, Kaia is frequently compared to her mother, Cindy Crawford, due to their uncanny similarity. She has a unique and adaptable style that has captured the attention of designers, photographers, and viewers around.

Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler

According to the source, her rumor is linked to actor Austin Butler. Rumor claims that they both are engaged to each other. But the reality is that they both are not engaged. This rumor is false. Kaia Gerber is not now engaged. There were reports that she and her boyfriend, Austin Butler, were engaged in April 2023. A trustworthy source close to the couple later refuted these allegations, though. With the intention of maintaining their relationship’s secrecy, Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler have started dating. Despite using a covert approach, they have been seen together several times, allowing the world to see glimpses of their relationship. In fact, there have been reports of them moving in together, which only serves to emphasize how serious and advanced their relationship is. So, it is sure short clear that currently they both are not engaged.

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