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The question “Who is Till Lindemann wife?” has been most searched online recently. Lindemann is in the headlines after the petition was signed against him for sexual assault.

Till Lindemann is a singer and songwriter hailing from Germany.

He is the lead singer and songwriter in the Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein, as well as in his solo endeavor, Lindemann.

His band, Rammstein’s record sales, have exceeded 25 million copies worldwide, with five albums achieving platinum status.

Additionally, his solo project, Lindemann, has been recognized by Roadrunner Records as one of the “50 Greatest Metal Frontmen of All Time.”

In addition, he has made appearances in minor roles in films and has authored three books of poetry.

Till has also showcased his original poems and scripts at various art galleries.

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Till Lindemann Wife: Is He Married To Anyone?

His fans are searching for “who Till Lindemann wife is” at the moment as the popular vocalist Lindemann has been married multiple times in the past.

Moreover, the band’s lead singer has not exclusively shared the news about his marital status.

However, there are suggestions that he has secretly tied the knot with his rumored Ukrainian artist girlfriend, Svetlana Loboda.

The two first crossed their path in 2017 at the Zhara festival.

Till Lindemann WifeSvetlana Loboda is rumored to be Till Lindemann wife. (Source:

Since then, rumors speculating a romantic connection between the two stars have continued persistently.

Furthermore, the rocker Till is even referred to as the father of Tilda, the daughter born to the singer Svetlana.

However, when asked about his relationship with Loboda, he has maintained his privacy and stays mum regarding the truth.

Although it is unknown whether Till Lindemann wife is Svetlana Loboda, he is certainly involved with her romantically.

Till Lindemann married life explored

The famous German band lead vocalist Till Lindemann has had a complex relationship in the past.

Lindemann is said to have married multiple times and has two adult daughters. According to reports, Till reportedly married when he was 20.

At the time, Till Lindemann wife was Marieke Lindemann with whom he has a daughter named Nele.

However, the two got divorced after a few years of marriage.

Till Lindemann WifeTill Lindemann has had a complex married life. (Source: TheGuardian)

Subsequently, Lindemann married Anja Koseling after ending his marriage with Marieke.

Further, he has a daughter named Marie Louise with his ex-wife Koseling.

Nonetheless, his married life with Anya also started degrading, leading the couple to separate.

Moreover, the incident involving his second wife turned into a public scandal, prompting the musician to refrain from sharing his personal life further.

However, fans speculate that he is currently secretly married to Svetlana Loboda.

Till Lindemann children details 

The popular musician has two daughters, Nele Lindemann and Marie Louise.

His oldest daughter is Nele Lindemann from his marriage with his ex-wife, Marieke.

Nele has followed in her father’s footsteps as she is a part of the band “Lindemann DubZ,” as a singer.

She is also employed at the Staatstheater Karlsruhe.

Furthermore, Nele welcomed a son in 2008, making Rammstein’s frontman, Till Lindemann, a grandfather.

Till Lindemann WifeTill Lindemann with his elder daughter Nele Lindemann. (Source: ARVENY)

Additionally, Till has another daughter named Marie Louise with his second wife, Anja Koseling.

Unlike his elder daughter Nele, Marie is very private and likes to live a low-key life.

Hence, not much is known about her as she stays away from the media attention.

Furthermore, the vocalist, Lindermann, is also rumored to be the father of Tilda, the daughter of his alleged secret wife, Svetlana Loboda.

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