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Chris Kyle son death has been trending on the internet. This has gained the attention of the people. But what is the truth? Find out in the article below.

Chris Kyle was a former United States Navy SEAL sniper and author. Kyle is known as one of the most lethal snipers in American military history.

However, Chris tragically passed away on February 2, 2013, in Glen Rose, Texas. 

During his military career, the former NAVY Seal served in the United States Navy from 1999 to 2009.

After leaving the Navy, the author wrote an autobiography titled “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History,” published in 2012.

Kyle’s life and military service have received both praise and criticism.

Nonetheless, he remains an influential figure in military history, particularly in the domain of sniper warfare.

Chris Kyle Son Death News: Is Colton Dead Or Alive?

There has been a lot of confusion and speculation about Chris Kyle son death. However, there is no confirmed source or news about Colton’s death.

So, the news about Chris Kyle son death could just be a hoax on the internet.

The news remains just a rumor until and unless it is confirmed by reliable sources or news.

Chris Kyle Son DeathThere are rumors about Chris Kyle son death, but there is no evidence to support this rumor. (Source: People)

Colton Kyle was just eight years old when his father tragically passed away.

As per The Sun, he was affectionately called “Bubba” by his father, Chris.

Despite the difficulty in accepting his father’s death, Taya’s unwavering love and support help Colton through the grieving process.

However, Kyle has made little appearance in public as he has preferred to keep his personal life private.

Nonetheless, he has accompanied his mother to various events honoring his father.

Moreover, the young teen continues to excel in both sports and academics, remaining an engaged member of his local community.

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Chris Kyle Wife – who is she?

Taya Kyle is the widow of Chris Kyle, a former United States Navy SEAL.

Taya’s full name Taya Renae Studebaker was born on September 4, 1974, in Portland, Oregon.

Additionally, she is the daughter of Kim and Kent Studebaker. Her father previously served as the mayor of Lake Oswego, Oregon.

2001 Taya and Chris met in other, and they tied the knot in 2002.

Chris Kyle Son DeathThe news about Chris Kyle Son Death could just be a hoax. (Source: Time)

However, tragedy struck on February 2, 2013, when Chris was shot and killed at a Texas shooting range.

This heartbreaking incident left her widowed at the age of 38.

Despite her loss, Taya displayed did not give up and worked as an author, political commentator, and advocate for military veterans’ families.

Moreover, Kyle co-authored a book titled American Wife: A Memoir of Love, Service, Faith, and Renewal, shedding light on her life with her late husband.

In addition, in 2014, she established the Taya And Chris Foundation to help veterans and their families through interactive experiences that enhance family bonds, as per TACF.

Chris Kyle Family details

Chris was born on April 8, 1974, in Odessa, Texas. He was the oldest among his sibling.

His parents, Deborah Lynn and Wayne Kenneth Kyle played important roles in his upbringing.

His father, Wayne, who was a Sunday school teacher and deacon, and his mother Deborah raised Chris and his younger brother in Texas.

Chris Kyle Son DeathChris Kyle’s father in an interview with NBC News. (Source: NBC News )

His brother was Jeff Kyle, who was a rifle and pistol instructor in the Marines. However, he is now a police officer in Waco.

In addition to his parents and brother, Chris Kyle had a family of his own.

As mentioned above, he was married to Taya, and they had two children together.

Their son’s name is  Colton, and their daughter’s name is McKenna.

However, not much information about Colton and McKenna is available, as they have maintained a private life away from the public eye.

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